Colin Kaepernick Makes His Most Vile Statement Yet About Americans, Gets What’s Coming To Him

Updated September 13, 2017

It has been more than a year since Colin Kaepernick inadvertently started a protest trend against the national anthem. When he decided not to stand up when the Star Spangled Banner played, he said he was sitting down against police brutality. From there he was elevated to a spokesperson on the issue and a civil rights activist. And the backup quarterback has no plans to quit his protest of the anthem anytime soon. And he has recently evolved his attack on the anthem to include the patriotic Americans who use their love of country to dismiss his call to action. In recent news, Kaepernick has revealed that he has received numerous death threats from so-called patriots who don’t like that he is protesting the anthem. And in an interview with the San Jose Mercury News, Kaepernick opens up about the threats on his life.

The letters were vicious. But in the interview, Kaepernick doesn’t feel too threatened.

“I’ve had a few come my way, but not too concerned about it,” Kaepernick said.

Despite the death threats, the quarterback has no plans of stepping down. And he has no compassion for his critics. They accuse him of disrespecting the United States military and the veterans when he stands down when the anthem is played. But Kaepernick disagrees.

He says that these patriots are not listening to the reason he is protesting despite “message [being] out there loud and clear for quite some time now.”

Kaepernick added, “There’s a lot of racism disguised as patriotism in this country and people don’t like to address that and they don’t like to address what the root of this protest is.”

The September 16, 2016 shooting was the last straw for this football player. And because Terence Crutcher was shot by police in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in a senseless slaying, he retains that he is committed to protesting the anthem until police brutality is dealt with.

“This is a perfect example of what this is about,” Kaepernick said. “It will be very telling about what happens to the officer that killed him.”

40-year-old Crutcher was killed by Officer Betty Shelby after police found Crutcher’s abandoned vehicle in the road. Shelby said that Crutcher appeared intoxicated and was not listening to her commands. Her attorneys said that Shelby believed that Crutcher was reaching into his vehicle to grab a gun.

Meanwhile, the attorneys representing Crutcher’s family say that the middle age man had his hands up in surrender. He also had no firearm in his possession. And he was confused. Plus, the car window was rolled up when Shelby shot him.

“There’s no consideration or benefit of the doubt given,” said Benjamin Crump, the Crutcher family’s attorney. “We immediately jump to the conclusion that they’re a big bad dude, that they’re nefarious, that they’re a criminal. Why is that?”

Kaepernick viewed the footage of the incident and declared that it was evidence that Shelby was in the wrong.

“No one went and checked on him, no one tried to resuscitate him, nothing,” Kaepernick said. “They walked around, went about their business and made up lies to cover up their murder that they just committed. That’s not right, and they should be in prison.”

Do you think Kaepernick should quit his protest?