Company Is Using Plastic And Selling It As Rice. What You Need To Know To Protect Yourself

Updated October 26, 2016

Just recently, news broke that China is mass producing plastic rice and selling it in droves to America so they can stock it on our grocery shelves. But this plastic rice has been shown to cause some very serious health problems – and might even be destructive enough to cause cancer.

Because China’s Wuchang rice is extremely popular due to its fragrant smell and distinct taste, it costs almost double the price of regular rice. Because demand for this product is so high, Chinese manufacturers decided to create a similar product they could boost supply – except their alternative is made from cancer-causing plastic.

Learn about this crime and what you need to do to avoid eating Chinese plastic rice!

Chinese companies eagerly seized the opportunity to make fake rice to capitalize off the high Wuchang rice prices. Although it is fake and made from plastic, the manufacturers laughed as American companies bought it and stocked the poisonous product on their grocery store shelves.

Investigators think that China has been producing this fake “Wuchang rice” for at least four years. That means they’ve been poisoning unknowing customers the whole time.

Instead of being honest and selling rice, these duplicitous manufacturers recreated the popular product using potatoes, sweet potatoes, and poisonous plastic for just the right touch.

The Chinese plastic rice looks the same as regular Wuchang rice, but after cooking, the grains remain hard and are potentially deadly if consumed.

The fake Wuchang rice would have kept being manufactured if an undercover journalist hadn’t discovered the truth.

To make their product seem ‘real’, the lying manufacturers mix a small amount of Wuchang rice with the plastic, poisonous product. They then spray each batch with a fragrance to replicate the original scent and then seal it up. After that they sell it to anyone willing to pay the price – including America.

Every year, about 800,000 tons of true Wuchang rice is produced. But a terrifying 10,000,000 tons of Wuchang rice is sold every year. That means more than 9 million tons of the plastic rice is being used to boost the supply and trick consumers.

The Korean Times, quoted distributors as admitting that selling the fake rice is extremely profitable. Companies have managed to get away with the lie for four years until they recently started to export the rice to countries outside of China including Singapore, Vietnam, and India.

If you ate just three bowls of Wuchang rice, you would basically be eating a plastic bag. This can destroy your digestive system.

Most people in China eat more than ½ pound of rice daily. That means these Chinese manufacturers are poisoning their own population with plastic to make a profit.

Researchers have found alarming health risks associated with bisphenol A or BPA, as well as a class of deadly chemicals called phthalates. These poisons disrupt regular human hormone function – especially estrogen. These plastic chemicals can affect reproductive health and even slow such development.

Although there have been no reports about this plastic rice in America, can we trust these Chinese companies?

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