Construction Crew Hears A Loud Thud, Then Screams. Bystander Takes Out Camera To Record [watch]

Updated May 16, 2017

The person behind the camera was filming at the perfect moment in this incident. No one would have suspected that this heavy-duty construction crane would fail to do its job. But that’s exactly what happened and it was all caught on video.

The crane was hoisting thousands of pounds of concrete. So, you can imagine how much damage that would have done if it fell on top of the wrong thing. That’s why the construction workers, wearing orange, screamed and ran as the crane toppled over and caused massive destruction…

In the dramatic video, you’ll watch the crane operator leap from the cabin of the machine. He doesn’t care if the fall is about 10 feet, he knows the thing is going down and he wants off the ship.

The crane was contracted to erect a viaduct in Milan, Italy. Unfortunately, someone miscalculated when they contracted the crane. It was hoisting a load much too heavy for its ability.

The falling concrete slab caused a lot of damage to the surrounding area. But it luckily did not hurt any construction workers or innocent bystanders. If it did, the project manager would be a whole lot more trouble. A falling concrete slab is one thing, but if it lands on people, that’s a whole different thing.

Inspectors are now reviewing the construction site to see what might have gone wrong. The likely problem is that the crane had a malfunction.

Incidents like this happen more frequently than construction companies would like to admit.

Back in February 2016, a crane fell off a building in lower Manhattan and killed people. It was the worst such accident in the city in years.

After a five-month-long investigation, it was determined that the New York City accident was caused by an operator error. Although the operator tried to blame the wind, investigators quickly discovered that the operator did not lower the boom correctly.

“They basically did nothing right when they started lowering that boom,” said crane expert Thomas Barth. “The load charts were the bible to follow and they were not followed that’s correct.”

A few months after that in July 2016, another crane fell off the Tappan Zee bridge and caused a lot of damage.

Readers on Daily Mail shared numerous comments about this crane blunder. Here are some highlights:

“This seems to happen often. A crane has to do one thing; how hard can it be?” shared on reader.

“Reminds me of the ‘Big Blue’ crane that collapsed while trying to erect a sports stadium some place. Milwaukee?” wrote one reader.

“It is thought there was a malfunction with the crane. Yeah, they tend to do that when trying to lift things beyond their capacity.”

“Romans had aqueduct construction down to a science, AND they didn’t have the benefit of modern equipment nor a decent number system that included “zero”.”

What do you think about crane blunders? Do operators need more training or is it something else?

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