Construction Worker Senses Something Is Wrong, Snatches Stranger’s Baby From Car And Runs

Updated August 9, 2017

Surely you’ve heard the saying…”right place at the right time.” Well, that saying can have several meanings. Maybe you happen to be the lucky 50th customer at a store or maybe you drive by the house of your dreams and it happens to be for sale.

When Colin Blevin was pulling into work for the day, he would soon learn that he was at the right place at the right time. As soon as he pulled up to the gate, his instincts kicked into high gear. There was an unfamiliar car blocking the gate, and as he got closer, he realized that there was what appeared to be a homeless man and woman arguing nearby.

He was used to seeing odd people in the area, but there was something about the way the woman kept trying to make eye contact with him as she was arguing with the man. It was clear that she was trying to get his attention without letting the other man know. So, Colin’s instinct told him to look into the vehicle while the two were arguing and he was shocked at what he saw…a baby was strapped into the car seat and Colin was certain that the baby didn’t belong to the couple, as he was clean and well cared for. He was instantly concerned about the fact that the baby was in the car in the hot weather, so he walked over to the man and woman to ask about the child. And the man, who had been high on drugs came up with a ridiculous story about how the woman he borrowed the car from accidentally left her baby in it.

When the man realized that Colin wasn’t buying the odd story, he ran away and tried to break into another vehicle nearby. Instead of chasing him down, Colin took the opportunity to get the baby out of the car.

“So, I snatch a baby out of a car that I don’t know nothing about, but I knew something wasn’t right,” said Colin.

When the man was gone, the woman finally had a chance to explain the situation. Evidently, the woman, Maria Hernandez, said that the man, Raymon Randy Gutierrez approached her and tried to force her to take the baby. When Maria started arguing with the man she suspected that he would drive off with the baby, but that was when Colin arrived and she was able to signal to him for help.

Had Colin not shown up at that moment, the baby may have been taken from his parents forever. It turned out that there had been an amber alert issued for the baby, 8-month-old Emiliano Salinas. Evidently, baby Emiliano was still strapped in the back seat of the car when Raymond stole the vehicle.

Both Colin and Maria are being praised for their heroic act. While Colin is getting most of the praise, he says that Maria deserves kudos because if it hadn’t been for her signaling Colin, then this baby may have never made it back home. Luckily little Emiliano Salinas is back at his home safe and sound with his parents.