Cop Finds Two Toddlers Wandering The Street, Things Quickly Turn Even Worse

Updated September 8, 2017

When you have a baby for the first time, usually your life gets flipped upside down and you learn very quickly how you have to be on high alert at all times. Now, when that baby becomes a toddler, it gets even more challenging, as their ability to walk increases and their chances of getting into things that are unsafe and inappropriate increases as well. So, it’s extremely important to make sure your child is accounted for at all times.

Well, evidently not all parents feel that this is a priority.

A Decatur County, Indiana mom has been arrested for child neglect after her two toddlers were found roaming the streets all by themselves. And that’s not the only thing this mom did wrong.

When neighbor, Miranda Friend, walked out her front door and found the two 2-year-old children in the street she was quite alarmed.

“I was horrified, terrified, and I did not know what to say,” said Friend.“There were no parents around so I grabbed them out of the road and moved them to the park. I tried to talk to them to find out their names and where their parents were. They could not really respond to me.”

When Friend realized that the kids looked like they hadn’t been cared for, she called 911, afraid that if she brought them back to their home, they would be in further danger.

“Their clothes were dirty. Both diapers were soiled really well and they did not have any shoes or socks on. Their feet and hands were cold and wet,” said Friend.

Evidently, this wasn’t their mother’s first time mistreating the children. The grandparents had full custody, but their 22-year-old mother, Emilee Keith, was supposed to be watching them at the time they wandered out.

When the officers arrived at Keith’s house, the door was wide open and the inside of the house was not an appropriate place for toddlers to be. There were prescription medications strewn about, the floor was covered in feces and it looked as if the children had been eating expired yogurt out of a dog bowl.

Keith is now behind bars as a result of the neglect.

Commenters had no sympathy for the unfit mother…

“It kills me you have to apply to adopt a dog but any idiot in the world can be a parent. So many good people that can’t have children and then you have slimeballs that treat their children like trash, neglect and even murder them and can’t figure out what they did wrong!!!! Morons should be castrated!!!!!

Evidently, Decatur County is home to many child neglect and abuse cases and this certainly isn’t the first the DCS has witnessed. So far this year, there have been 763 cases that have been assessed by the local DCS office, which is double the amount from five years ago. The main mission of DCS is to tend to these cases and work with partners in the community to assist in connects families and children with resources to help them.