Cop Has Bad Feeling In Pit Of His Stomach, Cell Phone Video Proves Intuition Was Right

Updated February 22, 2017

When 29-year-old police officer John Edwards heard strange noises coming from his laundry room, he grabbed his pistol off the nightstand and hurried down the stairs. The officer, who is always vigilante for intruders, was not about to let someone get the jump on him if they were invading his home. Carefully, he traveled into the laundry room. But when he got inside, he noticed something strange…

In the end, he didn’t need his gun. Bullets would be unable to harm the entity that had invaded his home. Instead, he grabbed his cellphone and began filming the strange sight. But when the Australian officer saw the laundry detergent bottle move by itself along his washing machine, he knew something was up.

But when he caught on camera seems to defy common sense and science. Check it out below!

Edwards couldn’t believe that he had walked in on a ghost in his laundry room and not a thief or burglar.

He lifted his camera and caught what appears to be the laundry detergent bottle moving along the washing machine, which was not power on.

With the camera on, he says, “Sitting here minding my own business, and then I hear the washing machine start…”

Suddenly, the white detergent bottle slides along the top of the washing machine. The officer gasps in terror!

“Oh my f***ing God,” Officer Edwards curses as he sees the poltergeist invading his home.

As if directed by an invisible being, the detergent bottle moves and then shoots off the other side. But before Edwards can choose to investigate, fear has taken over and sent him running for safety.

Although skeptics say the washing machine must have been on. But the social media user swears that it was not!

Yet, even that statement fails to convince the most skeptical viewers. They claim that perhaps nearby traffic or even an earthquake could have caused the detergent bottle to move.

But to make the video evidence more compelling and strange, Edwards claims that a canvas print fell off his wall on two separate occasions shortly after this detergent bottle incident.

Do you think this poltergeist is real? Here’s what Daily Mail readers wanted to share:

“I don’t really talk about this not to jinx it but i think i have a poltergeist in my utility room, every day i throw my work clothes in the basket and like some sort of miracle the next day they appear all washed ironed and folded. The only person i have confided in about this is my other half and the responce was a speechless deathly stare which i assume was through fear of ghosts so keeping it to myself from now on.”

Other people do not take the video as seriously.

“My wife keeps telling me that the washing doesn’t just happen, she claims to do it all but reading this and looking at the clear evidence, it appears that actually the washing does do itself. Wait till I get home the woman is a liar and has fooled me for years,” Darlo Dame joked.

“I know I always keep an intense video log of everything happening in my laundry room”

Is the footage genuine or fake? You make the judgement!

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