Cop Has Change Of Heart For Mom Found Shoplifting Food For Her Infant, Becomes Local Hero

Updated May 18, 2017

We’ve all been there. Money gets tight, and you start to feel desperate. You want to be able to provide for your family, but the numbers just aren’t adding up. Some people take jobs they don’t want, sell off their possessions for some quick cash, or take out a loan with unfavorable rates. Yet other are pushed to extremes that lead them to break the law in order to find the money they need.

That was the case for one young mother who couldn’t find the money she needed to feed her infant daughter. She chose to steal from a grocery store, and she got caught. This sad tale has a twist, however, as the arresting officer took pity on the teenage mom and offered an act of kindness that will have you in tears. You won’t be able to read this story without sharing it with everyone you know.

Eighteen-year-old mother, Sheena Davenport, fell on hard times last year and made the difficult decision to steal groceries from a local supermarket in order to feed her family. What she intended to pilfer would only feed her and her children for a few days, but it was her only hope.

“We were struggling. This is our first time ever being out on our own, me and my boyfriend. His job wasn’t making enough at the time,” Davenport told “It was dinner time and we had gone to Walmart to see what we could get. It ended up not being enough and we needed dinner for the next two nights.”

On their way out of the store with their stolen goods, the couple was caught and they were both arrested.

“I had never been in trouble before. I had never done anything like that. I was scared,” Davenport said.

In court, Davenport plead guilty to theft in the fourth degree. It was a very humbling and disparaging day for the poor mother. What she didn’t expect was that a local officer would come to her rescue.

Officer Katrina Culbreath, of the Dothan Police Department, was present at Davenport’s hearing and stepped in, asking her why she had resorted to stealing.

“I told her it was for my daughter. She told me to meet her outside after court was done,” Davenport said. “She told me to get into my car and follow her patrol car. We ended up at the grocery store. I started crying. I realized she was going to buy food for me and my family.”

Culbreath took Davenport to a local grocery store and bought her and her family $130 worth of groceries.

“I felt so grateful that she was sent to help me. I started crying. I felt someone was looking out for me and my little family. I kept hugging her,” Davenport said.

Davenport says that ever since Culbreath’s selfless gesture, the two have kept in touch daily. “There’s still good people out in the world and officers are still here to protect and serve. We are totally blessed by it,” Davenport said.

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