Cop Risks His Life To Stop Drunk Driver, Executes Maneuver With Perfect Precision [video]

Updated May 18, 2017

Police have to deal with a lot of troublemakers while on the job. But the worst people they encounter on a regular basis are the drunk drivers. These people put other people’s lives at risk because they are selfish. When they drink and get behind the wheel, they risk killing children, parents and other innocent people. That’s why the police in this video were eager to put the drunk driver to rest.

As you’ll see in the dash cam footage taken at the beginning of May 2017, the police hurry out of their car to lay spikes on the ground to stop a fleeing car. And as you’ll see when you click play, it works like magic. Watch the amazing moment unfold in this 1-minute long video…

Seconds after the video starts, the police are out on the street preparing to lay the spike strips. And they do an amazing job of nailing the drunk driver.

About 20-seconds into the clip, the policemen stand over to the side of the road preparing to toss the spikes out in front of the speeding car.

And when the black station wagon rockets down the road, the officer launches the strip of spikes out and lands it perfectly. With the spikes on the street, the speeding black car rolls right over them and pops its tires.

That drunk driver is not going to be going anywhere now.

The rest of the footage skips to the car with the popped tires. You can see how the police nailed the suspect in the road chase.

Slow motion footage closes out the clip, which gives you even more insights into how police deal with drunk drivers like this.

If the police hadn’t popped his tires with spikes, this drunk driver could have gone on to kill children or other innocent bystanders.

This clip has been viewed more than 3 million times on YouTube so far. Here are some of the most popular comments shared:

“He should have installed bulletproof tires in Los Santos Customs first,” joked one viewer.

“Policemen were risking their lives! That was cool! Greetings from Poland,” shared another observer.

User seksualusis agreed, “Yep, risky one, esp. turning back to reverse direction, and whether hunted driver will not take your laine. Great job.”

Spike strips like this are not easy to use. Plus, they are dangerous for the police officers who must stand exposed on the road. If the driver veers to the side they can be hit.

Dallas News reported that at least 5 police officers have been killed since 2011 while using these spike strips. Not only are the officers at risk but so are other drivers.

Officers must use them at their own discretion. Sometimes they snag the wrong vehicle and pop innocent people’s tires. I don’t know if they get reimbursed from the police department or not, but in this instance the cops did a perfect job.

What do you think about this police work? Did they do the right thing stopping this drunk driver from speeding?

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