Cops Are Asking For Your Help Finding This Man After His Vile Act Was Caught On Security Camera

Updated July 12, 2017

New York City is one place where different people from all over the world can live together. Not necessarily in harmony, but you’ll find someone from every walk of life in one of the five boroughs of the great city. However, in Brooklyn, one individual has resorted to terrorizing Jewish residents. After fresh concrete was poured onto the sidewalk, a man began carving 30 swastikas – the iconic symbol from Hitler’s Nazi party – into the sidewalk. And he looked very proud of the vandalism he was committing.

The anti-Semitic vandal was caught drawing the swastikas in the freshly poured concrete via a security camera. He committed his heinous act on Newkirk Avenue in the predominantly Jewish neighborhood of Midwood in Brooklyn.

The vandal had dark hair and held a flashlight between his teeth while he drew the symbols of terror into the concrete.

When the property owners saw the marks in the cement the next day, the reviewed the security footage. And when they spotted the guy drawing the swastikas, they alerted the police.

Brooklyn Democratic Assemblyman Dov Hikind has spoken out about the act. He said, “This guy is on camera as clear as can be… A swastika is the ultimate symbol of hate. What would motivate somebody to do that?”

The security footage has been instrumental in the NYPD’s search for the vandal. The property owner handed the clip over to the 70th precinct as they launched their investigation.

Although the police are still looking to identify the perpetrator, they believe it is a teenager. The NYPD’s Hate Crime Task Force, which has some of the best cops in the city on it, is looking into the act of vandalism.

“I have great confidence that the perpetrator of this hate crime will be caught,” Hikind announced.

Check out the security footage below and see if you can identify the guy drawing the swastikas in the freshly poured concrete in the Jewish neighborhood. What do you make of this act of hateful vandalism?

Readers across the world are appalled by this teenager.

“Who in their right mind thinks about something like that? Who? Who sits at home making a plan to go and draw these symbols into concrete in the middle of the night because they apparently “hate” a certain group of religion, something they would NEVER know if they shook their hand. What different does anyone religion make to you? What an idiot.”

“Perhaps if there is any concrete left we could make him a special pair of boots just for him! It’ll be all over this idiot’s footwear so hopefully he will be found!”

“There are some very unpleasant people on this planet.”

“And he was able to leave without anyone seeing him?”

The police are busy hunting down this man who committed a hate crime. If you have any tips contact the NYPD. Call the Crime Stoppers tip line at 800-577-TIPS. What would you do if you caught someone vandalizing property like this?

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