Cops Are Called After Truck’s Load Spills, Show Up To Strangest Scene They Have Ever Seen

Updated July 27, 2017

People love the summer because they finally have a chance to get outside, get some vitamin D and enjoy the warm weather activities. And if you are lucky enough to live by the water or have a pool then you can cool off when it gets a tad too hot to bear. There have been some pretty hot days across the nation this summer, but Washington state might possibly take the cake for the hottest incident that has occurred. Just when you think you’ve seen it all…something bizarre pops up. In this case…quite literally.

On one of July’s hottest days in Washington, a dump truck managed to spill some dough that had been in the back of the truck. Tons of dough spilled out onto the Washington interstate and caused quite a scene. Because the cement had been so hot, the dough expanded and rose on the pavement.

It didn’t take long for the images of rising dough on the street to appear all over social media. Luckily one state trooper was there to witness the event and he had a field day taking photos and attaching silly puns…

“When you think you’ve seen it all…. dough!” State Trooper Brooke Bova tweeted. “The heat is making it rise!” She also shared the following photos…

As you can see in the photos, the bags of dough opened up and started rising in the vehicle before they fell out onto the cement, where they rose even more.

State Trooper Bova shared another cute pun…

“Whole-y grain Batman! It’s messy but it’s not a hazard. I’m on a roll,” she captioned one photo. In another tweet, she shared a photo of herself and another woman posing in front of the growing dough.

Commenters had no problems joining in on the fun…

“You ‘knead’ to be serious.”

“You’re really rising to the occasion; really earning your dough today.”

“Does this mean it’s a “Roll “over situation on I-5?”

“Dough or dough not…there is no rye.”

“Was the truck yeastbound when this occurred?”

While everyone loves a good pun and the incident will surely be shared for years to come, the driver is lucky no one got hurt. Another driver could’ve easily been distracted by the odd instance and lost track of the wheel. But, Bova made sure to update everyone that the scene had been cleaned up.

This is certainly one of those rare situations that will be shared across the nation. It’s kind of like when the random fish fell from a tree and hit a woman passing by. Or the time several packages of sausages landed on someone roof. Believe it or not, these oddball occurrences do happen and more often than we would expect. They certainly provide light and uplifting news compared to some of the sad and negative news out there today. Once again, we are fortunate to have advanced technology at our fingertips that lets us capture moments and share them with the rest of the world. Thank you, State Trooper Bova for giving us something to giggle about today.