Cops Are Dumbfounded How Murder Suspect Vanished, Then They Watch The Security Tapes

Updated September 8, 2016

When a Las Vegas man was left alone in the police interview room, he took the opportunity to remove his handcuffs, climb onto the chair, and escape the police station through a loose ceiling tile.

The 25-year-old suspect, Alonso Perez, performed an escape routine akin to something seen only in the movies or in a magic show. The entire escape was captured on prison CCTV. Thankfully the suspected killer was recaptured and arrested five days after he broke out of the North Las Vegas Detective Bureau as seen below…

Las Vegas Police Chief Alexander Perez, no relation to this suspected killer, admitted that it took his entire police department more than 40 minutes to realize that the man had escaped from under their nose.

Detectives were not watching the live feed video when the suspect Perez escaped from his handcuffs and climbed to freedom through the ceiling tiles.

Check out the video footage below to see how the suspected killer broke free from his police-grade handcuffs.

But before he does, he looks around and plots his escape. He grips the handcuffs at a certain angle and isolates them on the bar in the center of the table.

Then he torques his body and uses the table as leverage to rip apart the metal on his wrist. He falls back into his chair and holds the handcuff as he winces in pain.

“He torques it to the point, using some of his body weight, that it snaps the hinges,” Alexander Perez said.

Having freed himself from the handcuff, he waits a moment to make sure no police officers arrive to restrain him again. When he realizes he is not being watched he makes his next move.

Perez puts his hand back where it was to make it look like he is still cuffed to the table. Then he pretends to go asleep. A detective comes into the room at this point and does not notice he is a free man.

The man leaves. That’s when the suspected murderer realizes that police are leaving him alone for a while, he takes action to escape.

He looks around the room and finally settles on the ceiling tiles. He moves a chair and climbs to freedom.

He dropped back down in a hallway and exited through a door. He stole a work truck that had been left idling. He abandoned the truck a few hours later in a nearby town several miles from downtown Las Vegas.

By the time the police realize their suspect is gone, he is a free man roaming the streets of Vegas again.

On Tuesday, Perez was rearrested when police and FBI agents arrived at an apartment not far from where the truck was abandoned.

Perez is suspected of killing 31-year-old Mohammed Robinson in a McDonald’s parking lot after Robinson didn’t hold the door for a woman. She complained to the man she was with and he took out a gun and shot Robinson dead. This man is suspected of being Alonso Perez.

Watch the footage of this suspected killer escaping from the police station. Should cops keep better watch over their criminals?

“We’re not perfect. The police are simply not perfect,” Chief Perez said concerning his negligence. “However, we will learn from our mistakes so they are not repeated and that’s the goal.”

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