Cops Out To Lunch Find Smiley Face On Their Receipt, Quickly Realize What The Staff Did

Updated April 6, 2017

When four police officers walked into a Louisiana Outback Steakhouse on break from their shift, they expected a filling meal, not a media thunderstorm. But after they grabbed their bites to eat, the officers, who had been noticed in the beginning due to their uniforms and firearms, were treated differently than the other customers. Then when they got their receipt, they noticed that the manager had written something strange on it.

The Outback Steakhouse where the incident occurred was at the Slidell location. And after the four on duty officers ordered their tacos, sirloin steak, and shrimp dishes, they were given the bill. And on it, there was a message they never expected to receive…

Although the officers’ meal was served as it should be, the story came later when they got their bill. The receipt made their jaws drop with surprise.

“They’re the sweetest guys,” server Zoe Rao said about the Louisiana cops. “I enjoy waiting on them.”

Because the Outback Steakhouse location appreciates the cops, manager Arline Wood, an 18-year veteran of the food company, wanted to make a statement. Noticing them upon walking in, Wood ordered Rao to comp the officers’ bill.

Together the manager and server paid the entire $67 tab. The officers didn’t have to pay a dime…

“They care about the community, they care about everybody, they’re just great guys, our whole police force is great and these guys at night, I went to Zoe and I said, let’s take care of it,” Wood said.

Besides the amazing generosity, the Outback workers also wrote a lovely note to send the officers on their way. It read:

“Be safe! Thank y’all for y’all’s service! Enjoy y’alls meal on us! -Arline & Zoe.”

Because the unexpected kindness practically brought the four Slidell police to tears, they were compelled to share the show of generosity with their followers and community on Facebook.

The image of the receipt was quickly shared across the state and #BlueLivesMatter nation. However, Wood and Rao never expected any recognition. They just did it to help the four officers a bit.

“I got a phone call early in the morning and I was like what are you talking about? People were calling me and then we saw it on Facebook, then it’s on this one and that one, and we didn’t do it for this publicity, because lord knows I don’t like all this publicity,” Wood joked.

Every day police officers put their lives on the line to protect and serve their communities. Whether they’re a member of the community or not, officers do everything in their power to keep it safe from violent crime, drug abuse, and other problems.

Whenever members of the community come forward to help the police, whether by paying for their meal like these generous Outback employees or by drawing a weapon to help fend off an insane assailant like what happened in Florida, brave members of the community help these cops do their jobs.

Do something kind for a local police officer in your town this week. Smile, wave, or buy them coffee.

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