Cops Pull Over Hearse For Traffic Violation, Quickly Realize A Major Felony Is In The Casket

Updated May 8, 2017

As legend has it, Tombstone, Arizona got his name because it was a pioneer city that took the life of a man per day. And in 2017, that might still be the case. When police stopped a white hearse 30 miles from the Mexican border, the customs agents grew suspicious.

When the sniffer dogs grew agitated, the officers knew that something was wrong. Then they took off the lid of the casket in the back. That’s when they realized that the men in front were not undertakers but drug smugglers. Inside the casket was 67 pounds of marijuana. And the drugs had been hidden under a layer of manure in a vain attempt to mask the smell from the drug dogs…

The customs agents found the drug smuggling hearse 30 miles north of the Mexican border in Tombstone, Arizona. Wilcox Border Patrol agents stopped the white hearse at the intersection of highway 90 and highway 82.

The hearse was heading north further into American territory. When asked simple questions, the driver gave suspicious answers. With the driver detained, the officers called in drug sniffing dogs after they got whiff of a strange scent coming from the back of the hearse. And it wasn’t the smell of a decaying body…

Besides the smell and the driver’s strange questions, the white hearse was driving through Tombstone at a late hour. This made the occasion even more suspicious for the highly-qualified border agents.

The 28-year-old driver is a United States citizen. He was arrested after the dogs found the horde of marijuana valued on the street at $33,000.

According to CBP Arizona: “Transnational criminal organizations use a wide range of techniques to smuggle both humans and narcotics into the United States. Citizens can report suspicious activity to the Border Patrol and remain anonymous by calling 1-877-7435.”

President Trump ran on the wall during his presidential campaign. While he still is at work on building the expensive border-control effort, Americans see that it is more necessary than ever. Because people like this hearse driver continue to disrespect America by bringing illegal drugs across the Mexican border, law enforcement officers are cracking down on people like this drug smuggler. Should the crime be punished harsher than in the past?

When Daily Mail readers heard about this story, they shared some strange comments. Read what they wrote below:

“You’re smuggling weed into a State that borders two legal recreational marijuana States. Seems someone either needs business schooling or a dose of common sense,” wrote a reader from Flanders.

“Yeah nothing sketchy about a 28 year old driving a hearse across the American/Mexican border.”

“Should have had a vehicle in front to look out for road blocks…” a reader with some experience wrote as a comment on Daily Mail. How should they treat this drug smuggler?

Do you think drug smugglers ever stop trying to bring crime into America? What does Trump need to do to stop them? Is the wall still the best option in your opinion?

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