Cops Warn It’s One Of The Worst Crashes They’ve Ever Seen. Only Watch If You’re Prepared

Updated July 6, 2017

You know you should wear your seatbelt. When you see the dashcam footage below, you’ll have indisputable evidence why. Whether you’re in the front seat or the back seat, wearing your seat belt can save your life. While you might be the safest defensive driver in the world, you never know who else is on the road. They could be drunk, impatient, full of road rage or just oblivious. Accidents happen to good people all the time and they can be deadly. As you’ll see in the traffic footage from China, included below, one person was thrown from the car through the window after a devastating crash. If only they had worn their seatbelt…

Because the car crash victim, a man seated in the backseat, failed to strap himself in with a seatbelt, he was thrown from the car smashing through the rear windshield.

As you’ll see, the dashcam footage captures the moment a car veers out of control and collides with a barrier in Chongqing a municipality in southwest China.

The victim flies from the car out of the rear windshield and under the guardrail on the side of the road.

After the crash, the vehicle was brought to a stop nearby. No one suffered life-threatening injuries – that we know of. God must have had his hand in this crash after the destruction caught on the dashcam footage.

Following the incident, the man was found lying in agony on the roadside. He had retained consciousness and was able to communicate with police when they arrived. The paramedics came soon afterwards.

Because he knew his life was almost taken from him, he encourages everyone to wear their seatbelts no matter where they’re seated in the car.

The other passenger in the back of the car, a woman, was also not wearing her seatbelt. She was in shock from the violent car crash but was still unconscious with no life threatening injuries.

The two passengers and the driver are still receiving treatment. But the man thrown from the car suffered multiple broken bones and is lucky to be alive.

China made is a law to wear seatbelts in both the front and back seats back in 2004. Many states in America do not require passengers in the back to wear seatbelts although it puts their lives in danger. China is ahead of America in this regard.

The dashcam footage has shocked many people across the internet. Most people expressed the man’s luck for surviving the devastating crash. Here were a number of the most popular thoughts shared on Mail Online:

“How he lived through that is a miracle, wear a belt next time.”

“His guardian angel was doing overtime that day….I wouldn’t be surprised if his fall was cushioned. Very lucky man, indeed.”

“He was lucky he didn’t hit the barrier, he would have been killed for sure.”

What do you make of this dashcam footage? Does it inspire you to wear your seatbelt?

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