Cops Were About To Leave This House After Finding Nothing. Then They Spotted THIS Secret Door…

Updated February 29, 2016

The way that the drug war in the United States and Mexico has gotten very much out of hand.

People are dying, killing, and taking drastic measures to either get rid of drugs, sell drugs, or acquire drugs to use them.

This more recent cases of a drug bust will really get you on the edge of your seat; this is straight from the movie The Great Escape.

Officials got a tip of about a drug house in Tijuana, and when they came to investigate, they found much more than they thought they would.


A whole team came to investigate.  They were expecting large amounts of illegal substances, and possibly armed guards.


Turns out that a certain closet led to a tunnel; a really long tunnel.


The shaft from the closet when 60 feet down, and led to a well constructed tunnel that went under the U.S. border.


The tunnel was complete with lights, support, and travel systems.  Police followed the tunnel for a while, until they bumped into the smugglers themselves digging the tunnel!

The diggers were arrested on the spot.


The diggers would shovel out earth, and place it in these 5 gallon buckets to be brought back up to the surface.

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The tunnel was 22 miles from San Diego, California.


44 pounds of marijuana was also found on the site, presumably all set to be sold in U.S. territory.


In just a few weeks, they were able to dig a 500 foot tunnel with buckets and a truck.  That is some serious work.


In total, 9 people were apprehended on site, and an investigation is underway.

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