Cops Were Hoping It Was A Rumor, Then They Started To Dig In Her Backyard. Entire Town Devastated

Updated August 16, 2017

Known as a “good girl” by friends and family, an 18-year old cheerleader from Ohio now faces a long jail sentence after police uncovered the grotesque truth about what she was trying to hide.

Brooke Skylar Richardson faces charges of reckless homicide after authorities uncovered remains of her newborn buried in her backyard. The evidence suggests it was not a stillborn baby, according to Warren County Prosecutor David Fornshell. It was “born alive” said Mr. Fornshell, and “law enforcement is continuing to treat this as an ongoing investigation.”

Authorities received a tip from a local doctor to investigate the Richardson family home in Carlisle, Ohio. The tip came too late to save the baby, unfortunately, as forensic evidence shows it had been buried for over two months.

While the coroner has yet to determine the official cause of death, Richardson has already taken a clear position. On Friday she pleaded not guilty to the charges laid out against her by the State Prosecution Office, and according to FOX 5 Ms. Richardson was bonded out of custody until her preliminary hearing date on August 1st.

Her Attorney, Charles Rittgers, made it clear that this horrific act is at odds with Ms. Richardson’s character.

“She didn’t drink. She wasn’t a partier or smoker … She’s by all measures a very good person, ” according to Attorney Rittgers.

It is clear that Brooke Richardson forgot the most important instinct a mother can have: to protect her baby from any wrongdoing. No matter what her friends, family or attorney say about her being a “good person” in life, the fact is that what she did to her baby has all the signs of a sociopath. It’s crazy to think that her attorney describes her as a “good person” only two months after she knowingly murdered her newborn baby in her parents backyard. How disgusting and scary is that!

It’s still too early in the case to say how it will turn out, but one thing is for sure: Brooke Richardson should pay for her misdeed. This case brings to mind Casey Anthony, another young mother who ruthlessly took the life of her own baby. Let’s hope that Brooke Richardson faces the full punishment for her crime – unlike Casey Anthony who was able to walk free.

The legal system has a lot of nuances that make it hard to navigate sometimes. This is certainly true in the case of Brooke Richardson. Some will say that she should be locked up for years to pay for the crime of killing her own child. Others would say she was caught in a web of factors that were too overwhelming for her to change. Perhaps she did not want the child but felt pressure from her boyfriend or her family. From this point of view, Brooke Richardson has a strong case to plead not guilty of the charge of murder. It’s cases like these that show just how liberal our society has become.