Couple Changes Name To Santa And Merry Christmas Claus, Spends Free Time In Kid’s Hospital

Updated November 11, 2016

Some people just can not get enough Christmas cheer. You know the folks: they leave their Christmas decorations up year round, and start their holiday shopping right around the beginning of January.

Well, we just found a Nebraska couple that have taken it way past the next step. This happily married couple has decided to live the Christmas spirit year round, even going so far as to change their names. You are not going to believe what they decided to be called until you read this story.

Jeff and Mary Brookstein of Omaha, Nebraska love Christmas. It has been a huge part of their life since meeting in 2009. Now they have officially changed their names to Santa and Merry Christmas Claus, of all things.

Speaking with news media after the Douglas County District Court approved the name change, Santa says “We’re thrilled today.”


Merry elaborates “It’s going to be amazing. When you tell someone you’re Santa, they just light up. There are smart little kids out there that will say, ‘Let me see your driver’s license,’ and now we can do that.”

The couple met during the holidays in 2009, when Mr. Claus was performing part time as a Santa Claus at local hospitals, nursing homes and day care centers. He says “I had met my now Mrs. Claus and she went with me to all my bookings that first year.”

As they teamed up, the couple began to use their gigs as dates to discover more about each other. Mrs. Claus says “When I met him, our dating was going to these events at daycare centers and senior citizen centers and it let me see how he has a heart for the people he was there to entertain. It was a very gentle side to him. It’s just been amazing.”

“As we got it into it, we discovered that it’s more than just about the money,” said Merry. “It’s about the blessings of the children. This is something that is kind of a destiny for both of us. Obviously you need money to live on, but the reality is that it’s all about the heart. This isn’t something we only do for six, eight, nine weeks out of the year. This is a year-round thing for us. Whether it’s July or June or November, the majority of people look at us and smile and say, ‘Merry Christmas,’ and I say, ‘That’s my name.’ And that gets an even bigger smile out of them. It’s about the joy we bring to people.”

The legal decision by the District Court to accept their name change came today and the sixty year old couple could not be happier. “It just feels like another accomplishment and another step in our journey,” says Merry.

Mr. Claus agrees. “We are now officially Santa Claus and Merry Claus.”

Representatives of the District Court were contacted for remarks about this unusual name change, but did not respond.

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