Couple Confused When Cop Pulls Them Over, Then He Gets On His Knee And Starts To Pray

Updated September 6, 2017

While on their way to a memorial service for their daughter, a Louisiana couple were pulled over by a police officer.

Maxine Morgan was driving to the service in Shreveport and was clearly distracted, when she was pulled over for speeding. She told KSLA: “So I really wasn’t paying attention to my speed going down the road.” She added, “I was paying attention to my driving. But my mind wasn’t there.”

When Deputy Jackie Loveless saw the car speed past him, he pulled them over, following the typical traffic stop protocol. He told Maxine she was speeding, and she noted that the officer was “very nice” to her.

When she explained that she was on her way to her daughter’s memorial service, she noted, “It’s very, very hard. It’s the hardest thing in the world to have to give up one of your kids.”

The officer, moved by the couple’s significant loss, reached to grab her hand and asked for her husband’s hand as well. He recounted the scene, saying, “I asked her, ‘Ma’am, do you mind if I pray with you?'”

The officer continued, “When the spirit of the Lord comes up to me to pray, I’m obedient to him and pray with that person.”

Maxine was grateful for the prayer, saying, “It just touched me so much. He took the time to pray with us.”

The officer further explained, “In the middle of prayer, she grabbed my hand and held my hand real tight,” adding, “And tears started coming from her, tears of greatness and tears of appreciation.”

Sheriff Julian Whittington commented on the officer’s character, saying, “Jackie understands we deal with a lot of people, but in a lot of times in the most stressful, critical event they’ve ever had to deal with in their lives. He exemplifies, first off, a man, a Christian man.”

Those weighing in with comments on the coverage of the story were touched by the officer’s prayer, with one person noting: “That was wonderful What a nice man” and another commenting, “You never know when God will send a messenger. Amen.”

Others noted how his gesture of kindness during a time of need was impressive, with one person writing: “Moving story. Helps me to keep my faith in humanity” and another adding, “prayer unites, such an awesome person this police officier is…much prayer for your loss of family also.”

Another commenter noted, “We do have some very wonderful people in this world! The policeman is one of the best!” An officer weighed in with a comment as well, explaining, “It’s what we do. Protect and serve doesn’t mean giving out tickets. It means helping in any way we can.”

Others thanked the man for his prayer during a difficult time, with one person writing: “Thank you officer Loveless. Thank you for your service and thank you for your kind and caring heart. May God bless and keep you under his protection as you go about your duties. Your name should be LOVEMORE. God is good.”