Couple Considered Spawns Of Satan, Finally Has Secret Exposed. Cops Make Them Pay Dearly

Updated May 12, 2017

Valerie and Roy Stannard shared an unusual passion. For decades, they’ve repeatedly tortured and abused a group of five children. Now Valerie, 73, and Roy, 74, will be spending the next 21 years behind bars. In all likelihood, they shall die in jail.

The abuse, which ended about 30 years, included sexual activity with children as well as consistent acts of child cruelty.

The Stannard’s were engaging in this criminal activity between 1969 and 1985 in London, UK. Learn more about these violent child molesters and how they will suffer in prison.

The abuse these two conducted is a long list. For example, Valerie held a young boy’s hand over an open flame. She also stuffed a burning piece of paper down another boy’s pajama pants. Her husband was a bit more violent. He punched a young child “as if he was punching a man.”

The Stannards locked these five children in a basement dungeon. To punish them, they would lash them with a bamboo cane or a leather belt. They used their home in Stoke Newington, north London to host the sessions of abuse.

The youngest Stannard victim was only a toddler. That poor child was tied to his highchair. He was then locked in the closet with the couple’s two dogs until the boy cried, the Snaresbrook Crown Court heard as testimony.

In March, the diabolical Stannards were convicted of 18 of 22 charges to five children. These charges included sexual abuse and child cruelty.

Valerie received only 9 years in jail while Roy will spend 12. In total, the abusive elderly couple will only log 21 years behind bars for their horrible crimes.

While these children were staying with the Stannards, Valerie would draw lines on the milk bottles to monitor how much the children drank. If they went over their limit, they would be severely beaten.

Besides abusing these children, Roy also sent them out on the street to steal from neighbors. He would then take these objects and sell them at his market stall.

On six occasions, Roy stripped naked one of the female children and abused her sexually.

Another of the Stannards’ victims claimed they forced soap down their throats. Not only that, Roy and Valerie would force the others to watch the victim of the day get tortured.

During the trial, the Stannards showed no emotion. Although heartbreaking stories were shared in court, the Stannards demonstrated no remorse.

Victims said things like: “We were not living, it was just an existence.”

Prosecutor Sally-Ann Hales, QC, said: “Their lives routinely involved physical abuse, neglect and cruelty, and in the case of Mr. Stannard involves sexual abuse of two of the children. They describe a miserable childhood characterised by cruelty of both defendants and Ms Stannard in particular. Each experienced or witnessed physical abuse, cruelty or neglect on an almost daily basis. They lived in fear of speaking out or standing up for themselves or each other.”

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