Couple Gets Back To Their Car And Sees Note Written On Window, Things Quickly Get Much Worse

Updated August 11, 2017

Imagine someone parking their car in front of your house for weeks and expecting you just to take the abuse. For residents near the Luton Airport, this wasn’t just a hypothetical scenario but life as usual. Cars were parked on their street for three weeks without any consideration for the people who live there. These people were just trying to avoid paying for parking and decided to abuse the residential streets instead. That’s why the residents nearby decided to get revenge. They wrote graffiti all over the cars and vandalized them to teach the car owners a lesson in respect.

Because people consistently park their cars on residential streets to avoid parking fees, the locals admit that it is a “huge issue” that police and local government is not taking care of. That’s why residents decided to take the law into their own hand.

Locals have broken windshields and sprayed cars with graffiti because the vehicles were left on their street for weeks without any respect.

Residents on the street took photos of a renegade Range Rover after they smashed its windows with a sledgehammer or baseball bat. Another car, which belongs to one of the rude vacationers, who also owns a London-based window tinting service, was also covered in paint along the windshield, which read: “selfish git” and “this is not airport parking.”

Residents are angry because these cars have been parked on their street for weeks. The street is a 10 minute drive from the airport but vacationers know to park their cars there if they want to park for free.

The first person to notice an airport car parked on their street was Sarah, sister of Angela Baldwin. It had already been vandalized.

37-year-old Sarah Baldwin said: “The owners are going to have a shock when they get back of their holiday. They were obviously seen walking off with their cases. Personally, I think this is a little extreme. I’ve heard that the person who wrote on the car did only that and since then the windows have been smashed and the other damage caused by kids. The writing looks easily washed off, however, since the writing was done, that then has given whoever the green light to smash it up.”

One person, Samir Hissaund, an IT consultant, saw graffiti on a Ford Focus parked outside of his property and says it happens all the time in this part of town.

“The car parked there three of four weeks ago now,” Hissaund said. “It’s a regular occurrence for people to park on our street when they go to the airport. There’s always cars parked outside houses. After a couple of weeks, the council actually put a notice on it to say it was an abandoned vehicle and after that, the windows were smashed. I know they were smashed with a brick because one was sat on the driver’s seat. There was another car further up the street and both had white writing on them.”

The lesson here is to not park where you shouldn’t park. It makes people angry.

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