Couple Hid Their Pregnancy From Their Families, Show Up At Their House With The Baby

Updated September 6, 2017

When it comes to announcing a pregnancy, most couples can hardly wait to tell their friends and family members, especially if it’s the first baby. There are so many different ways of breaking the news nowadays, that it’s almost hard to decide. Some choose to invite their loved ones to a party where they slice into a cake to discover whether the batter is blue or pink, symbolizing the gender of their baby. And others releases a giant box of balloons that they have filled by a party store, prior to the big event. And one of the latest ways is to hit a golf ball and watch the gender-specific color escape from the ball as it skyrockets through the air.

There is no shortage of fun ways to celebrate what is essentially the biggest news of a couple’s life.

But, then there are other people, who choose to be extremely secretive about the whole situation. Ben and his wife are that kind of couple and they did their darndest to hide the conception of their baby girl Ivy from their family. Having not been home for ten months, the couple decided to show up on the front doorstep of their parents home, with baby Ivy in their arms. And luckily they filmed the whole experience, so we can get a glimpse into their family’s shocking reaction.

At the start of the video, a sibling opens the door and as she is hugging her sister, she looks down at the baby and says… “Who is this?”

The couple breaks the news that it is her new niece and she starts crying right then and there. Evidently, they had told the sister that they were going to bring her something. She surely didn’t expect it to be a real live baby!

The family then backs up a bit as Ben shares the whole surprise plan, saying the following…

“This is Ivy and our family and friends don’t know that she exists because we haven’t seen them in 10 months. So we’re going to go surprise them.”

They then go on the show all the reactions of their friends who have seen them over the past ten months. The look on everyone’s face is priceless and it’s amazing how they managed to get everyone to keep it a secret for so long.

The best part is when the grandmother arrives and congratulates the mom, thinking she just found out she was pregnant, and then she is shown the baby.

The majority of the reactions were looks of confusion and they assumed the baby was adopted or there was a different mom. Nobody could believe that the couple actually kept it a secret.

The video has gotten thousands of views, but most commenters asked why they decided to not tell anyone, and Ben’s response was…

“Well, we live so far away, so it wouldn’t have changed things too much? Perhaps brought, even more, worry and anxiousness? But trust me, many people have asked the same. My wife got the idea to bring the best surprise of all for our families, and bless them. And it worked! But it’s definitely not been all easy or all good. Still, in hindsight we’d do it all over again.”