Couple Realizes The Horror Of The Situation After They Finally Review Their Nursery Camera Footage

Updated July 12, 2017

These days, parents struggle to trust their children with any caretaker. Even if it is a friend they’ve known for a while, that person can lose their cool and resort to abuse as they manage the small child’s behavior. But when hiring a nanny or a daycare service, parents don’t know the person who is going to be watching their child. This can resort in violence behavior and abuse that often goes unseen. Fortunately, these parents installed a home security camera to ensure their son was being treated fairly. But when these parents viewed the footage, their jaws hit the floor as they saw the nanny viciously slap their little boy.

These parents from Changsha, China hired their nanny on July 7 because they needed someone to watch over their son. Because they did not know the woman who was coming into their home to care for their beloved boy, they turned on a security camera to monitor the interaction.

At worst, they expected to watch the nanny give their son a few too many sweets or let him eat his desert before his dinner. Never did they expect to catch violent abuse on camera.

Watching the nanny they paid to care for their child abuse their 1-year-old son was too much for these parents to endure. With the video evidence, the family went to the nanny and service they used to hire her. She readily admitted that she used violence to discipline the child. Upon her admission, she was immediately dismissed.

The couple didn’t go on vacation or otherwise leave their son for any undue amount of time. They simply needed a nanny to watch their boy while they went to work to earn a living to give their baby boy a good life.

But while Ms Ding, the boy’s mother, took her lunch break, she missed her boy. She decided to tune into her at-home video monitor, which she could access on her smartphone, and see how her little boy was doing.

Mom was horrified to watch the nanny wiping her son’s face clean before repeatedly slapping him across his cheeks.

Ms Ding and her husband thought they must have made a mistake. They looked through the footage again. Then they watched as the abusive nanny tried to force feed their baby boy who was not hungry at the time.

Terrified that they watched the nanny abusing their boy, the left work and went home to confront the nanny. In retaliation, Ms Ding struck the nanny.

When she was confronted – especially given the video evidence – the nanny had nowhere to hide. She admitted her crimes and was released. But since being hired, the company that contracted her has shut down for good. They must have been a sham operation.

Viewers of the footage are just as outraged as the parents. Some think the parents should have plotted their revenge instead of reporting the criminal abuser.

One Daily Mail reader shared the following in the comment section:

“Woman or not, should be given blow for blow for doing that to an infant. THEN put her in jail. But neither will happen most likely. She’ll get off with a ‘first offense’.”

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