Couple Was Devastated The Baker Messed Up Their Wedding Cake, Then She Spins It Around

Updated August 14, 2017

Like every couple I know, Kia Parsons and Billy Bunnings wanted completely different things for their wedding. Kia dreamed of an elegant affair with a champagne toast, tear-jerking moments of beauty, and a wedding cake to match. Billy, a comic book fanatic, wanted everyone dressed up in cosplay costumes matching their favorite super hero or villain.

But since Billy’s dream wedding was a bit too far-fetched, he conceded. But that didn’t mean he was going to let his bride have all the fun on their special day. When it came to their wedding cake, he was able to get part of his wish.

While the cake looks like an elegant beauty from the front, when it was turned around you saw that Billy’s influence was not ignored. And the result has become what is quite-possibly one of the most gorgeous wedding cake designs ever created. Check out the image below!

When the guests first saw the wedding cake at the Parsons/Bunnings wedding in Milton Keynes, England on August 14th, it looked like an elegant white floral design. The guests “aww”-ed with pleasure at its beauty.

But while this cake is pretty, it’s not a big deal. You’re probably wondering why we’re writing an article about that cake.

Well, you have to see what the cake looks like “below” the white fondant curtain…

While this might look like it took super powers to create, its design is a bit simpler than that. Check out the clip below to see the awesome cake for yourself! Tier By Tier simply made the back of the cake look like this. And while it seems like the cake would be super-hero themed underneath, the white fondant “curtain” was laid out over the cake.

The cake was featured on Huffington Post and said that Parsons wanted her traditional wedding cake. Bunnings wanted a “manly” cake to flaunt his super-hero passions. Tier By Tier cake designer Julia Baker helped them compromise their dreams and create a cake both bride and groom could agree on.

Hundreds of people have share their thoughts about this cake:

“I freaking love this. What a great way to have both something classic and traditional, but also play tribute to your geeky side.”

“Your wedding day and cake is an expression of the couples own personality and style. Their guests will be talking about this cake for a long time!”

“I personally would not have made this a wedding cake, but a theme cake at the reception and told people to come to the reception dressed as their favourite superhero”

“Absolutely Ridiculous, things are getting so way out of hand, what are we planning “can you top this?” go back to the way wedding use to be, about the bride and groom, their marriage vows and their future together. Not on how to out do anothers wedding.”

Designing wedding cakes is an art form. Many bakers work to capture the bride and groom’s vision. Did this one work in your opinion?

Do you think this cake to beautiful or over-the-top?

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