Couple With Downs Syndrome Just Hit Milestone That’s Grounds For Massive Celebration

Updated March 15, 2017

Love is love. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are, if you are truly in love then you will make sure it lasts, because, after all…love conquers all.It’s hard to reverse the love that you feel for someone and oftentimes we are put in the paths of people for a reason…sometimes good and sometimes bad. If you are lucky to say that you’ve witnessed true love in your lifetime, then you are a very lucky person.

Sometimes, with all odds against them, high school sweethearts get married much to their parents’ dismay, and they end up staying together for several decades. The same goes for those who are drastically different ages.

When Maryanne and Tommy Pilling first met, they instantly fell in love but few thought that they would last.

It’s been 22 years, and they have proven everyone wrong. Both Maryanne and Tommy have down syndrome, but that doesn’t stop them from having fun wherever they go together. The two are often seen on the dance floor living it up as if they are in their own little world, which is common for couples who stick together.

“When Maryanne met Tommy, she couldn’t stop talking about him,” said Maryanne’s sister, Lindy, about the match made in heaven. After they dated for 18 months, Tommy popped the question and Maryanne happily said yes. While everyone thought they wouldn’t last more than a short time, they recently re-enacted their first dance together at an anniversary celebration. They danced to the hit Dirty Dancing song, “Time of my life.”

As they danced to the song at their celebration, it was evident that they were having the time of their life and they have never let any naysayers get in the way of their genuine love for one another. It’s hard to believe that anyone would think they wouldn’t last because they look like they were born to be together.

Commenters found Maryanne and Tommy’s relationship to be inspiring…

“This is honestly heartwarming. Away from the shootings, the murders, away from reality. The people who thought they wouldn’t last should be ashamed. God bless!”

“Awww adorable that’s great that they both found love!”

And others thought that their relationship should be captured on the big screen…

“Somebody needs to make a movie about this.”

“And people didn’t think they were going to be together for long I love them.”

“Awww they’re so sweet I’m so happy for them.”

Maryanne and Tommy can certainly be an inspiration for some and maybe they can encourage others to search for their true love. Based on the video below, it is evident that the two are immensely happy together and they didn’t allow anyone else to interfere with that and rob them of the happiness that they rightfully deserved. These two are a perfect example of how love passes no judgment on anyone, whether that is age, gender or social status. Just think of all the fairy tales that are so popular these days…they always have a happy ending with genuine love stories that offer us hope and happiness.