Creepy Horse Found In Garden With This Note Attached, Police Are Called In

Updated November 29, 2017

A rusty toy rocking horse left abandoned in a garden had an interesting note attached that might just give you the creeps.

Police are trying to figure out who the horse belongs to and who left the note, as the rusted toy was left under a tree and was discovered by a resident when she opened her curtains in the morning.

As if the creepy toy wasn’t strange enough, the note attached read: “To a special little girl love from Sophie cos we agreed & I blessed you and you/me (sic).”


The Surrey Heath Beat Facebook page posted the details of the mysterious rocking horse, writing: “Are you eagerly anticipating the delivery of an old style rocking horse and it hasn’t yet turned up OR has your old style white rocking horse been recently stolen?

A local resident in #Camberley opened her curtains to find the rocking horse placed under the tree outside her front door with a note on it which featured the name ‘Sophie’.

Finding the ordeal a little bit spooky she reported it to us in case it had been reported stolen or in the event that somebody was horsing around in the NEIGHGGGbourhood.

If this belongs to you, send us a DM. #RogueRockingHorse”

One person commented on the Facebook post: “This is a bit spooky! Very nice vintage/antique looking horse…someone must be missing it! I could invent a great ghost story from this….just sayin!”

Among the comments on The Mirror’s report about the mystery horse was this theory: “Maybe someone whose children are grown up or had no children left it, that horse could be worth a lot of money.”

Another person added: “Yes that’s what I thought, sounds like some kindly old lady who knew a little girl who liked the horse. To me anyway a charming mystery rather than some horrific message of gloom. If it was sinister why would they tell anyone about it so openly anyway?! It seems there are two camps on this whose knee jerk reactions are either it’s bait set by a peadophile called Sophie lurking in the hydrangeas with a panga, or it’s a kind and generous gift. Positive or negative personalities I suppose. Rusty and demonic, or full of life’s patina and caresses of happy children past. Looks Asian, the wood possibly coconut, if you look on the saddle.”

Others weren’t so convinced that it was a kind gesture, with this theory shared among the comments: “It could be sinister, ‘cos we agreed’ could mean keep our little secret? ‘I blessed you and you/me’ could mean we blessed each other and that make it all alright? So this rocking horse could be gift/bribe for something that has gone on which is not alright in the eyes of normal people.”

Another commenter agreed, writing: “My thoughts exactly. Something iffy about it all if you ask me.”

One commenter noted that perhaps someone just got the wrong address, sharing: “Sounds like a well meaning gift if you ask me. Nothing creepy about the horse or the note at all, in fact it looks quite collectable. Honestly! World gone mad. Sounds like Sophie got the wrong address, though.”