Criminal Chooses The Worst Possible Guy As His Victim, Learns The Harshest Lesson Life Can Teach

Updated July 12, 2017

When a man gave a driver filling up his gas tank the stink eye, he realized he didn’t like him and strutted over to the car. As he walked over to the car, he demonstrated that he meant business – showing off his handgun in broad daylight.

Because the man who was in his car at the BP gas station in Elmwood Park, Illinois knew the punk with the gun wasn’t just trying to be tough but wanted blood, he quickly tried to lock his door and remove his own weapon from the glove compartment.

The gas station had “state-of-the-art” security cameras so we can watch the entire Old West-style shootout in real time. As a result, one man is dead and no one is going to jail. You have to see what happened in this terrible shootout to know the story…

It happened just after the unnamed driver of the maroon sedan finished pumping gas. The woman in the orange windbreaker was later identified as Ronald Morales. He was the first one to bear his weapon and instigate the situation.

You can watch him approaching the maroon sedan with his firearm in his right hand. Because the BP gas station invested in the top-of-the-line security camera system, we can watch the entire Old West-style shootout happen.

When Morales gets to the car, he yanks open the passenger-side door. Then he points the gun at the unnamed driver and threatens his life. Meanwhile, the driver tries to save his skin. He pulls the door closed and reaches for his own concealed weapon.

Morales is not happy.

The two men stand on either side of the vehicle. Then they begin firing bullets back and forth at each other in the gas station. We all know that one wrong bullet could potentially cause a massive explosion because there is a lot of highly flammable stuff around them. But their lives are at stake and that is not on these gunslingers’ minds.

After firing a few rounds, Morales eventually runs away from the scene. But he didn’t get away unscathed. He was shot in a vulnerable area. And the bullet wound would eventually claim his life.

Not only did Morales run from the scene, the driver of the car also sped away after the deadly firefight. He didn’t want to stick around and let Morales get another round off into his vehicle – or his head.

The unnamed driver was not shot. But Morales received a bullet wound that would later kill him. If he had only not decided to instigate the fight in the first place.

You might think that the unnamed man would get into some trouble with the police. He did kill a man after all. But because BP had invested in proper security footage, the cops were able to review the tapes. When they saw what happened, they quickly verified the unnamed driver’s story – he had acted in self-defense.

Do you support the police’s decision? Was the driver acting in self-defense?

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