Criminal’s Luck Runs Out Quickly. Finds Out Homeowner Is An Expert With A Bow And Arrow

Updated November 10, 2016

When a criminal broke into a southwest Sydney, Australia man’s home, the 68-year-old home owner took out his bow and arrow and allegedly shot the intruder. Police admit that the homeowner shot the intruder after confronting him at his Wattle Grove home, but now they are investigating him.

The unknown man broke into the couple’s home on Glanara Street and stole a large amount of cash, a handbag, and car keys. He was a criminal. The thief then entered the homeowner’s garage and got into their Nissan X-Trail.

The burglar started the car and tried to reverse out of the garage. But then things took a turn that resembles a scene straight out of an action movie...

While trying to leave the premises, the crook backs the Nissan up. But then the 68-year-old man, who was home with his wife as the burglar ransacked their property, armed himself with his bow and arrow. Then he marched into the garage where he could hear the vehicle’s engine rumbling.

When the robber saw the homeowner with the box and arrow, he panicked. As a result, the car crashed into a fence. The criminal exited the car and then jumped a fence onto the street and ran toward another parked vehicle.

But the homeowner was not about to let the criminal get away with his hard-earned cash and more. He climbed and balanced himself on the fence. Then the 68-year-old man took aim with his bow and arrow and fired a shot at the fleeing man. The arrow struck the criminal in the lower back or buttocks, the police report.

The criminal, who was seen wearing a black, short-sleeved shirt, later broke into a parked car and got away.

Police arrived on the scene. They are still looking for the intruder and are now investigating Hawk Eye.

Detective Inspector Dean Johnstone didn’t like how the homeowner fired upon the fleeing man.

“At this point in time we have been given information by the homeowner, police have attempted to speak to him. He’s maintained his right to silence, this is a matter we’ll investigate.”

Police established a crime scene and seized the man’s bow and arrow. Now Detective Inspector Johnson says the 68-year-old archer could face charges.

“The owner is part of an archery club and takes part in that sport,” he said. “This is very early days in the investigation but … we are investigating all facets of the incident.”

The detective doesn’t want people to confront intruders as they could be armed.

“My advice to people would be to comply with [the intruder], not to confront them, certainly not to engage them in a physical altercation, let them go and let us investigate,” he said.

In order to find the suspect, police asked doctors and medical professionals to watch out for a man, 30-35-years old, with unusual injuries in the buttocks.

“We believe the arrow may have struck the offender in the buttocks or the lower back region,” he said.

“We are asking anyone in the medical profession … to contact police if a person comes in with a wound [consistent] with an arrow striking them.”

Should the 68-year-old man be prosecuted for defending his home?

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