Criminals Try To Rob Store, Painfully Find Out Worker Is A Professional Fighter. Get Destroyed

Updated September 13, 2017

Criminals are getting more aggressive and desperate. But they are still cowardly. They prey on people who are victimized and easy to target. Whether they’re looters ripping southern Florida apart, stealing everything they can get their hands on, or people taking advantage of the suffering in Houston, Texas post Hurricane Harvey, criminals are opportunistic. If they see an opportunity to overpower a disadvantaged person or location, they’ll break the window and grab what they can. While we all know that karma will eventually get these criminals in the end, we hardly ever see that happening. But every once in a while, we get to watch these criminals get what’s coming to them. Like this group of thugs trying to steal from a gigantic MMA fighter.

Instead of doing their due diligence and finding some place that would be easy to rob, these thugs targeted the local convenience store without ever once looking inside. While being good at a life of crime is nothing to be proud of, it certainly is better to be good at it than to stink at something that is illegal anyway.

If these thugs had done any research on their target, they would have known that the owner was a giant MMA heavy weight fighter. Or even if they didn’t know that he was a semi-pro fighter, they could have at least seen that he was 6-foot 5-inches and tough as nails. Looking in the door and seeing this beast behind the counter should have been enough to send any criminals scattering and looking for an “easier” place to rob. But these thugs didn’t even put that much effort in.

Instead, they thought that because they were threatening, they would just get what they want. They are probably just a group of entitled young people who simply want something for nothing. While far too often this type of behavior is reinforced over and over again with government handouts and freebies, this time the criminals got a dose of instant karma. And when you watch the video, you’ll see just how satisfying it is to see for yourself happening in real time.

In the video footage included below, you’ll see why you should never mess with an MMA fighter – especially when you’re trying to take advantage of him.

The YouTube video description shared, “”According to sources, Dissanayake was behind the counter on July 10 at a Fuel Depot in South Wayside, when he saw his collaborator pulling into the parking garage in the wake of coming back from the bank. The colleague had evidently been trailed by a gathering of men in a SUV, who rose up out of the auto and began thumping him and this being seen on camera by the “CHAMPION”.”

Here were a few popular comments from viewers like you:

“go to rob someone, get a 6 foot Sri Lankan MMA champion beating you down.”

“I love videos like this. Such a humble nice man until friends are in danger, then he can give people a good beating.”

What do you think about how this MMA fighter taught the thieves a lesson? Should this be more common?