Dad Asks His Young Son About Getting Married. His Answer Has Me Rolling On The Floor

Updated June 27, 2017

Kids say the darndest things sometimes, especially when you ask them questions about things like love, and marriage, and cooties, and stuff. Luckily, we now live in an era when parents can easily document their kids comments, share them with the entire world and sit back and wait for the kids to grow up enough to be forever embarrassed. We just found a hilarious video on YouTube of a chat between a father and his son about marriage, and you are going to love this video when you watch it.

One dad was hanging out with his young son, eating pizza and talking about life when the question of love and marriage came up.

When His dad asks him if he thinks he wants to get married someday, the boy answers “I don’t want to be married at all! Are you kidding? I would be scared! I don’t want to kiss anyone. If they kiss me, they sometimes do it with spit!”

This video has been seen by more than eight hundred and fifty thousand watchers, and has received more than eighteen hundred “thumbs up.” Hundred of people have left comments like:

“This video will most certainly be played at his wedding.”- Flavia Bezarra

“Eight year old me said the same thing. God I wish I’d listened.”- Anon.

“His facial expressions and some of his wording are so mature, and cynical. did he pick it up from mom or dad? Kids imitate their parents. followed by teachers. followed by peer groups.”- Mostaque Ali

“This is the best video on YouTube in my opinion, they are just way too cute for this universe!”- Axel Svensen

“This is exactly what I said at his age, And I haven’t changed one goddamn bit.”- From Russia With Love

“kid is so intelligent…he does not need wife…he can enjoy life peacefully….he can get success every issue.”- Anon.

“Im staring at his pizza damn i need to eat lunch. That pizza is calling me man.”- Honey May

“he’s so cute with that face expression while he is talking about kissing.”- Jakob Danielson

“you got some cute-ass kids there bud. Have a bunch more, you guys are good at it.”- Mr. Bombastic

“This video will HAVE to be replayed at his wedding.”- Uploaded

“he’ll look back at this day/video and say ‘wow, I really regret this.’”- Goody Cookie

“I love this video, It’s so funny and perfect!”- pkmovies92

“So cute. Was so innocent but his chemistry in the world or what are you papa is talking about, he understand can see his body reaction. Only to expressed so difficult for him to explain.”- Carol Krab

“This kid reminds me of Joe Pesci!”-Mr Mystery

“This kid my hero, oh my God! Ahahaha!”- Royal Galayr

“this kid is stress eating…look at him loool!”- Sara Wise

“Wise words, VERY wise words. Especially nowadays when western women have little to offer and men have everything to lose. Our houses, our homes, our dignity and our kids. Kid said it, “I don’t need a wife”. He was so sure of it since his kid’s clarity of mind has no hormones kicking his system. At least until he turns a teenager in 10 years. Hope he doesn’t change a bit, we need more kids like him. Modern marriage is a trap, a scam and destroys men lives. At least if you ever marry a western woman, of course!”- Depechex

Have your kids ever done or said anything so funny? Did you catch it on tape? What are your thoughts on the institution of marriage? Please share your stories and ideas with us here.