Dad Confronts His Daughter About Missing Cupcakes, Her Reaction Has Me In Stitches [video]

Updated November 9, 2016

If you have ever had a kid, or have been one, then you know exactly how much little children love the sweet treats. Evolution played a big part in it because sweet foods tend to pack a ton of calories, which we need for energy. And kids especially because they are always running, jumping, growing and learning. All these things take energy, so sweet foods are naturally attractive to them. Plus, and you cannot deny this, sweets taste amazing.

Well we just found a video of a little girl who has been confronted by her dad about some missing cupcakes. Not only does she shamelessly admit to the crime, she then goes on the run. This video is guaranteed to warm your heart and start a cupcake craving. You just have to see this.

Macario Aegeus is a dad with a toddler who suffers from a sweet tooth. He recently interrogated her about some missing cupcakes and her reaction is priceless.

He begins by asking her if she’s aware that there have been “several cupcake thefts”, to which she brazenly confesses. When he says she has to go to jail, she makes a run for it. The ensuing chase is a classic moment between father and daughter, or cop and robber. You have to be the judge.

This video has been viewed almost fifty thousand times, and people have fallen in love with the adorable little perp and her daddy, saying things like:

“lookin like a lil honeybun. SO CUTE.”- Rhizah1109

“Dad sounds like he’s on or ready to join the police force. LOL. Had me grabbing the car keys to join in the pursuit.”- Goofybeats

“Omg this is great. Cheers to great fathers, like him, out there.”- Shadow Phace

“I have watched this countless times and i still crack! When she says ” Yeah i Had four!” I lose it!”- Jocelyn Brabham

“gotta lay down the spike strip.”- Daweller

“This is truly the best…dad sounds like he’s on foot patrol…and when the adorable princess starts running I couldn’t stop laughing… very good video dad”- Xavier Quills

“nothing like the love between a father and his daughter.”- Gumby the Don

“I want to be that type of dad.”- Notsosilentbob

“This is the cutest video I’ve seen in awhile. You better run sister !! lol”- Brown Sugar Mimi

“cute, run cupcake thief!!”- Chasisty Dolly Jones

“So incredibly precious…great dad!”- Ryely Dosty

“This is such a sweet and hilarious family moment!”- Erin Miller

“I will never get tired of watching this one….Those little legs are just moving”- Angie Lighton

“So happy that I finally found this video!!! So cute.”- Amy Phouen

“This makes me laugh every time I watch it!”- Wendyischarms

“She is spool sweet. God bless her little life.” Tiffany Clark

“Made my day, plead the 5th sweetie he didn’t see you take it, if he did, deny, deny,deny…oh yeah that’s right you confessed, tell the court you were pressured into a confession, maybe your attorney can get your case dismissed, due to Cupcakefluenza… Lol.”- Stephanie Winfield

“Everything about this is awesomeness. ..from the way she was rolling her eyes during “interrogation” lol …to dad pretending to breathe hard while chasing her, lol …well thought out and super cute dad. ..good job.”- Shay Hunter Daniels

Didn’t you just love this adorable video? Have you ever caught your kid red handed? Share your stories with us here.