Dad Has Bad Feeling But Knows He Has To Check His Shed, Cops Soon Swarm Property

Updated February 2, 2017

A father made a tragic discovery this Sunday morning when he ventured out to a shed on his property and found six teenagers dead inside. Among the deceased were his own son and daughter.

Police are investigating the grim scene, but do not suspect foul play.

Police Officers in the German town of Unterfranken responded to a call from an area gardener on Sunday, who had discovered his daughter, son, and four of their friends dead in a shed on his property.

Speaking with the news media, police spokesman Bjorn Schmitt said “It remains unclear what led to the death of the six people, but there were no indications of any violent crime.”

They found a wood burning stove inside the shed, which had been turned on. One theory is that the youths, all between eighteen and nineteen years of age, died of carbon monoxide poisoning after turning the stove on.

Schmitt said “it is a possibility, but there are others.” He also said that autopsies had been ordered for the deceased and that they will provide a clearer picture of the cause of death.

The father had gone to the garden shed Sunday morning after his son and daughter failed to return home Saturday night. His estate is located in the nearby town of Arnstein, which is located in the Southern state of Bavaria.

Since the story broke, people all over the world have taken to the internet to share their thoughts on the incident, saying things like:

“here are no words when these things happen, just such pain.”- Gran63

“Very sad. A women I knew from work ,years ago. her son and a mate, sat in there car in the garage with doors shut put engine on to get warm. Found the next day. Terrible shock. the poor man must be out of his mind. R.I.P”- Norfolk Broad

“This is so sad! My brother was killed in a car accident 11 years ago so I understand how hard it is to lose a loved one unexpectedly. I send my sincerest condolences to the families and friends of these 6 young victims. I wish them the strength needed to get through this very difficult time. May all 6 of their loved ones rest in peace.”- Taurus77

“How horrific for the poor man to find his children like that. Young lives lost so terribly tragic.”- Annie

“How utterly tragic. That poor man, I can’t imagine what he and their families must be going through.”- Bristol Rose

“What a terrible shock for that poor man. What a waste of all those young lives. Thoughts are with all of their families.”- Tiger

“Cannot even contemplate how this dad is going to cope, finding his own two children and four others like that. Such a terrible thing to happen. Rest in Peace.”- Whatever

“Let’s educate our youngsters about building up of carbon monoxide poisoning caused by using heating in small airless spaces. It happens even in modern tents. Those poor teenagers.”- Jantoo

“The poor man discovering that horror. It is the absolute worst ever thing to come across. It is unimaginable what he must be going through. Deepest sympathies to all the parents and families of the dead teens.”- Londongirl76

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