Dad Hears Odd Noise In Attic, Sets Up Hidden Camera. Records Terrifying Encounter

Updated September 13, 2017

Every house makes noises at night. If you’re in an apartment building, you’ll hear footsteps or a muted sound of a television set playing at night. Or perhaps you hear cars driving by outside or a neighbor pulling into their garage. If you live on a piece of property without next-door neighbors, you might hear trees creaking in the window or the house “settling” as it makes strange noises at night. But dad kept hearing a noise coming from the attic. And it wasn’t always the same sound up there night after night. It changed and this made him suspicious. He and his family thought it was just their imagination. But dad wanted to find out for sure. He took a camera up to the attic and then walked in on the disgusting truth. It was something no one would have believed if he hadn’t caught it all on camera.

Jerome Kennedy was in bed with his beautiful wife Ashley when he heard noises coming from the attic. He couldn’t be sure, but he thought it was someone moving up there. But that was impossible.

They lived in an old historic home in Pittsburgh with their 10-month-old baby girl. Their home was attached to the neighbor’s place which had been going through an extensive renovation.

When Jerome heard the noises up in the attic while he was in bed with his wife, he told Inside Edition, “I knew that somebody was up there.”

Then he saw the unthinkable. A flashlight was shining through the vents into his bedroom. Someone was watching Jerome and Ashley as they slept. He felt a disgusting twinge in his stomach at the thought.

Jerome pointed to a vent while speaking to Inside Edition, “Then I saw the light right through there, like it was searching for a place to look through.”

Who could be in the attic? Why were they spying on them? Was the person trying to catch Jerome and his wife “in the act.”

That’s when Jerome knew he needed to do some investigating of his own. He installed surveillance cameras in his attic. And the next day, he reviewed the footage.

That’s when he saw the “reclusive man” lurking in the family attic. He was the man the neighbors had hired to do the renovation work. But he had broken into the Kennedy’s home to spy on them while they slept.

Jerome doesn’t know the stranger’s motivation. Maybe he wanted to watch him and his wife. Or maybe the man wanted a place to sleep. Or maybe he had his eyes on the couple’s baby girl.

Jerome cannot be sure, but he took the footage to the police.

Viewers of the Inside Edition footage could not believe what this family had just gone through.

“The old creep should consider himself lucky, some folks might have just shot his old a**.”

“I am guessing the pervert old guy keeps on hearing those couple … so he went in the attic and start going across and peeking for some live action.”

What do you think should happen to this spying neighbor?