Dad Knows It Will Go Viral, Shares Video Of Baby Doing Impression Of A Horse [watch]

Updated June 20, 2017

When little kids first start to mimic what barnyard animals say, it’s time to snag a video of the precious moment.

In this case, these parents couldn’t be more proud of their little one absolutely nailing a horse impression. She gives it a much more accurate sound than most kids her age…not bad for a baby, really.

As dad reads a book to his daughter about animal noises, she passes through birds, bees, snakes, dogs, and deer. Though she gets most of those animal noises right, it seems like she’s intently on the lookout for the horse.

She starts with birdies, making the “tweet, tweet” sound, then attempts bees, with her dad saying, “It’s coming, it’s coming, hang on,” referencing her favorite. But he doesn’t find the horse just yet. Instead, it’s a snake and baby Bean is growing impatient, ready to flip on to that horsey. Doggy is next, which she gives a “baa baa,” with dad correcting her to “woof,” then a deer, as she continues to flip to the end.

Turns out dad realized he missed that page, flipping back and saying, “I think I passed the horse.” When he found it, she was ready to make the horse noise, without hesitation, letting out a “neigh” and repeating it over and over. He tells her the word “horse” and she clearly repeats it, before really getting her “neigh” on.

Her mom is heard saying, “That’s the funniest horse sound I’ve ever heard,” adding, “You can tell your dad taught you how to sound like a horse.”

The video description notes: “Bean is on the hunt for her new favorite animal and when she finds it, her excitement is just too cute to miss! Check it out!”

Comments on the video included: “hahaha that’s so cute and adorable,” “very cute!!,” and “precious moment.”

People who commented on’s coverage of the video wrote: “this little girl is precious,” “sweet,” and “She’s so truly cute to hear that TODAY!”

Another thought perhaps little Bean would like a horse of her own at some point, commenting: “Well dad, I hope you have a place to keep a horse, you may have to get one by the time she is 4 or 5.”

Baby Bean and her bulldog, Esther, are featured in other videos on YouTube, including one where they’ve made a massive toilet paper mess, with Bean caught feeding it to the dog.

When mom asks, “Who did this?,” Bean attempts to pin it on the dog! As the description notes: “Bean the baby gets busted playing with toilet paper and for once, Esther the bulldog is found innocent! These two are adorably up to no good!”

When asked “Did you do this?,” Bean points to the dog, but mom isn’t buying it.

Another video shows Bean grinning and giggling while the bulldog begs for a treat. Bean is so busy being silly and adorable, she doesn’t notice the hungry eyes waiting on a snack. We’re wondering if the bulldog every got her cut of the kid’s crackers. Too cute!