Dad Opens His 60th Birthday Card, Mom Screams When She Figures Out What The Riddle Means

Updated September 15, 2017

Welcoming a little one into the world, and into the family, is a life-changing ordeal. It is not only a totally new experience for the parents but for the grandparents as well. And Michael Krauter and his beloved wife Ashley were expecting their first child. And they were so excited about it. As devout Christians, they turned to their church and soaked up the blessings their congregation sent their way. But they had not yet shared the good news with ther families. But they were eager to do so. Every day that passed, the bun in the oven kept growing and getting bigger. Before long the parents would realize that Ashley was pregnant. They wanted to break the news before someone guessed and ruined the surprise.

It took Michael and Ashley a while to figure out how to do it. But with Carl’s 60th birthday approaching, they thought that could be a good time to reveal the news to the grandfather to be.

In the video below, Carl is the casual man wearing the blue hooded sweatshirt. And as the surprise is unveiled to him, his wife steals the spotlight. Although the pregnancy announcement was embedded within Carl’s birthday card, his wife Dorothy made the video exciting and emotional.

In the clip, Ashley and Michael’s dog, Canton, is held within Dorothy’s arms. But when she learns the good news, the Christian matriarch starts getting a bit crazy and this spooks poor Canton who has no idea he is going to have to contend with a brand-new sibling.

As part of the surprise, the expectant parents give Carl a set of tennis shoes to throw him off from the true unveiling in the note.

But when Carl opens the card, he sees the real reason they have the camera rolling. Inside is a sonogram picture of the little one. But the one sentence written in the birthday card and the picture had grandmother-to-be Dorothy screaming like a spring chicken.

The card read:

“You’ll need these shoes, because this present is to keep you speedy for years to come.”

Carl opens the card and sees that it is addressed to grandpa. He says his new name out loud, trying it on his tongue.

Dorothy shouts out, “Oh my gosh!”

Michael uploaded the video to YouTube where it quickly went viral. And here is part of what he wrote about the moment:

“We wrapped a pair of ‘Grandpas’ shoes in a box with a card and a sonogram picture and captured a moment that will be cherished for many years to come.”

After millions watched the clip and asked for an update, Michael added:

“In case you’re interested, we have found our we’re expecting a baby girl this September. We have named her Zoe Grace meaning, Life is a Gift. The last few months have been very difficult for us because Zoe has a chromosomal abnormality called Turner Syndrome because she is missing one of her X chromosomes. We ask for your prayers that Zoe will be born alive and well.”

No updates have come in since then.