Dad Posts Photo Of His Toddler Throwing A Tantrum In Public, Point He Makes In Message Goes Viral

Updated November 8, 2017

When you are a parent, you know that things are not always smooth sailing. This is especially true when you take your younger children out in public. When you have a baby or a toddler, they have not yet developed the ability to remain quiet and calm in public. In fact, they often start to cry or throw a tantrum just when you least expect it when you are at a store or a restaurant.

Toddlers can be an emotional bunch and there are times when you just have to let them experience these emotions. This often results in them screaming and crying, as well as throwing themselves on the ground. The smallest thing can trigger this type of reaction so no matter your parenting style or experience, it is simply something that you cannot just prevent from happening.

This often makes parents feel embarrassed because when a child is crying and throwing a tantrum, it is natural for the people around you to turn around and look. People might even get a little judgmental and make comments about your child or your parenting.

Justin Baldoni is a father and he recently had a situation happen in a store when he was there with his daughter. The toddler had a completely meltdown and Baldoni wanted to use this experience to share a heartfelt message with other parents.

Baldoni remembers what his father did when he was a kid and threw a tantrum in public. He decided to follow his father’s methods when he was out on a shopping trip with his daughter Maiya and his father. Baldoni put a photo of the incident on his Facebook page. It shows him standing calmly while his daughter is on the ground experiencing her meltdown. He and his father and just kind of looking at her and remaining completely calm, despite how crowded the mall happened to be at the time.

When Baldoni was a child, his dad just let him cry it out and feel his feelings. This is exactly what Baldoni decided to allow Maiya to do. He also wrote a very touching short story to go along with the photo so that people could understand why he did it and why he believes that his father doing it to him was the right choice when he was a child.

He tells fellow parents to not be embarrassed when their children do something like this in public. Instead, be kind and be patient with them and with yourself. Tantrums and crying are going to happen no matter what you do. It is just a natural part of the toddler growing period. Look at the positive aspects of having your child out in public It gives you the chance to snap great photos, bond with them and create new memories. If a little crying or a tantrum happens along the way, let the child feel their feelings, get it out and then go back to enjoying the great aspects of your time together.