Dad Steals Daughter’s Halloween Candy, Takes One Bite; Realizes Something Is Off

Updated November 7, 2017

One dad found out the hard way that snagging candy from your kid’s Halloween stash isn’t always the best plan.

While many parents can identify with stealing a bit of their child’s Halloween candy when they’re not looking, this dad quickly discovered that it’s probably a good idea to check expiration dates before scarfing anything down.

Mindlessly eating candy is a thing of the past after Adrian Johnson’s cautionary tale. His neighbors, it turns out, were handing out some very outdated cookies. Not even a few months past the expiration, but 18 years!

Johnson shared a pic of the item he chose from his daughter’s haul, McVitie’s digestives, which he tweeted about: “Think I’ve just eaten a biscuit (from a packet given to our kids while trick or treating) that went out of date 18 years ago. Not joking.”

Oh man. For proof, he circled the date: May 15, 1999

He explained how he dipped into the package when his children went to bed. He noted, “I can’t really describe the taste. Just an awful, gone-off, long-lingering bad taste. But my first mouthful, which I did swallow, I just thought, ‘bloody hell, that’s weird.’”

You might think he would have been done at that point, but for whatever reason, he decided to give it another try, explaining: “Second bite I knew there was definitely something wrong with them, so I sniffed them, looked at the biscuit side, which was quite white rather than the usual brown-ish colour, and then I checked the sell-by date. That second bit ended up in the sink and I had to rinse my mouth and brush my teeth.”

The father thought perhaps he might contact the old couple who handed out the expired treats, explaining: “It was late on when I realized what had happened so I didn’t go back to the couple but I might pop round tonight when I get back home – more for their sake, than to complain, as who knows what else they’re keeping in their cupboards.”

As for his kids, he said they found it “hilarious this morning when I told them the story as they were asleep when it all happened. They did point out that I shouldn’t have been pinching their treats in the first place.”

True enough, but definitely better that dad took the hit than either of his children. The father reported no illness from the snack.

One commenter on The Mirror’s coverage of this story noted that perhaps it was all the couple had on hand to give out, noting: “well if you send your kids out demanding treats or else, a panicked homeowner will give them whatever they have in order not to be egged or have damage done.”

One person who weighed in with a comment on the Us Weekly Facebook post about the story noted: “Shame on the person who gave the cookies out. They probably found them laying around and thought it was a good idea to get rid of them, lol.”

Another thought it was a fitting outcome for stealing the kid’s candy, writing: “Karma for eating his kids’ candy!”