Dad Tells Baby It’s Time For Bath, His Reaction Has Me On The Floor Laughing [video]

Updated March 17, 2017

Apparently, one dad deals with daily strife when giving his toddler a bath. But this time, he decided to get it all on camera. So, right before asking his baby if he is ready for a bath, dad gets the camera ready.

As you’ll see in the viral clip below, dad films the baby’s furious reaction when he learns it is bath time. Not only does the baby slam his head against the pillow, he takes things to a much higher level.

Check out the hilarious clip below now!

When the video clip starts, dad asks the child, “Shall we go and have a bath?”

The baby immediately answers in the negative. “No! No!”

But dad persists. “Let’s go and have a bath.” Although he doesn’t like dealing with his son’s temper tantrums, he promised mom to wash the child. And he knows mom gets pretty upset if the baby isn’t clean when she comes home.

The baby is angry. So dad tries to highlight the stress-relieving benefits of bathing. “Why not? It’s fun; it’s relaxing.”

But the baby starts crying. So dad wants to get to the root cause. He asks the tiny child, “What’s the matter?”

“No like it,” the baby says while gesturing with his hands.

Dad begins to play along and tries to figure out what about the bath does the baby like. What child doesn’t like to play with bubbles, so dad decides to see if he can bribe the child with a bubble bath.

“What about bubbles? Do you like bubbles? Should we go have a bath with some bubbles?”


“Just a quick bath,” dad says.

“NO!” the child shouts while shaking his head.

Eventually, dad gives up. “What about an egg? You want an egg?”

This gets the baby’s attention. “Yes,” the child says. He then sits up and his mood gets instantly better.

What are some tips to get your toddler to do something they don’t like?

When kids are getting furious, try to shift things around and make them laugh. Once they’ve had a good chuckle, their mood will have shifted and they’ll be more likely to go along with your plan. Like a bath for instance.

False threats can teach your children how to run all over you. If you threaten to take away their iPad when they do something bad and then don’t, they’ll come to learn that you are not a person who stands by your word. And not only is that not something you want them to think about you, but they will learn that lesson and apply it to their own life.

When you want to connect with your kids, you need to look them in the eyes. Eye contact shows your child that you are serious and dealing with the issue with full force. If you’re distracted while trying to get your kids to do something they don’t want to do, they will not take you as seriously.

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