Dad Walks In To Find The Babysitter Napping, Teachers Her A Lesson She’ll Never Forget

Updated September 7, 2017

Take a moment and think back to all the jobs you have had throughout your life. If you’re like most people, you’ve probably been fired or let go from at least one. Some people have a harder time holding onto employment. And the young woman from this story is probably one of those people. Christopher and his wife needed a babysitter to watch their children while they went to work. It wasn’t like the mom and dad were going out for a date night – they needed a reliable employee who would come to their house and take care of their children while they were making money to provide for their family. And after Christopher and his wife found a nice young woman to be their babysitter, they trusted her to watch the two children and take care of their needs. But shortly after, Christopher found them doing the exact opposite.

Because he found the babysitter doing the wrong thing on the job, Christopher decided to punish her. But although he was outraged and furious, he wasn’t a violent man – instead he turned to social media and the internet to expose the young woman for her irresponsible ways.

It all happened one day when Christopher left for work only to remember that he forgot something important at home – the papers he needed to do his job. They were important. He dropped everything, turned around and head straight back home.

But when he entered his home, he found the atrocious scene. The babysitter he was paying named Sarah, was sleeping on the sofa. And she hadn’t just fallen asleep, she was wrapped up in blankets and getting very comfortable.

That’s when Christopher committed the perfect crime – he abducted his own children. He wanted to teach his babysitter Sarah a lesson she would never forget.

Before he took his children, he took photos and a video of his “responsible” 35-year-old babysitter. She was sound asleep and had no idea Christopher was filming her.

Two hours after Christopher brought his children to work, his phone started going off. It was the babysitter. She was frantic. She woke up and found the house empty. And she needed to tell Christopher.

Christopher knew better than to answer the call. He sent text messages instead to punish her.

He wrote, “Hello, why are you blowing me up??”

In response, Sarah texted, “Call me now.”

He drew out the suffering longer, “Can’t. What’s up? No bars.”

She didn’t care if he didn’t have service, she replied, “Make it happen, call now.”

“Wtf I can’t everything ok?” Christopher asked.

As Sarah’s heart was racing, the children were safely with Christopher at his job.

“No it’s not. Call me,” she replied.

Here is when Christopher turns the knife, “I cannot… Are my kids ok? Answer me now. WTF is going on Sarah. Are my kids ok?”

Then she wrote out a long message:

“I called Stephanie at school and the school said she wasn’t there but the boys where ok. I have no idea what is going on. Pls call I need to speak with you.”

She admits she called the cops. Then Christopher drops the bombshell on her.

“I took my f***ing kids at 10. Get out of my f***ing house! I may be pressing charges on you for neglecting my f***ing kids.”

Then he says, “You’re fired.”

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