Dad Who Has Become Famous For His Tattoo, Finally Has A Chance To Explain Why He Did It

Updated July 25, 2017

Over the summer, 20-year-old Christien Sechrist decided to get a massive tattoo on his face. But unlike the gang bangers who get such artwork in visible locations, Sechrist wanted a portrait of his toddler son forever marked onto his body. The boy had almost died, so the young father wanted to commemorate the child in the best way he knew how. Although the tattoo is visible on the side of his face, the young dad doesn’t regret his decision. Instead, he spoke to press to defend it.

Sechrist is from Houston, Texas. Because he loves his boy so much, he had a black and white image of his son, Perseus, forever etched onto the left side of his face.

After he shared an image of the face tattoo on social media, Sechrist quickly gained national attention. Not only because the massive tattoo covers half of his face but because he has defended his reasons for doing it.

Although his critics despise the tattoo, Sechrist told Buzzfeed that he absolutely loves it. And he doesn’t regret getting the controversial tattoo and instead would do it all over again if he had the chance.

Sechrist, who works as a apprentice electrician, got his son Perseus’s portrait tattooed on his face. The image shows the boy’s chubby cheeks, big eyes, and teeth. The little boy’s face takes up half of his dad’s face. The tattoo starts at the end of his eyebrow and travels down the left side of his face and ends at his chin. The dad even extended the boy’s image onto his earlobe.

When he shared the image on Facebook, Sechrist thanked the tattoo artist for appropriately depicting his son.

“Thanks Cody Gibbs for doing awesome work on me. Looks just like my son,” he wrote at the time.

After the initial post, Sechrist was quickly berated by friend Ashlee Nicole who thought the image must be a joke. But when Sechrist said it was not, Ashlee was outraged that he had gotten the tattoo on his face rather than somewhere more private. She pointed out how the face tattoo would hinder Sechrist’s job prospects in the future.

“Why on your f****** face?! How are you ever going to get a real f***** job to support your son with a tattoo on your face?” she asked.

Although she was disappointed and shocked, she continued to lecture the young father.

“It’s not funny!” Ashlee continued. “I’m going to make you come live with [me] so you don’t do stupid sh** like this. Although it is a nice tat, you should have put it somewhere else.”

Sechrist then called it a “beautiful tattoo of a beautiful face on top of another beautiful face.”

But another acquaintance David Overbey predicted that Sechrist would feel regret very soon.

“I give it [three] years before the regret starts [rolling] in. I’m not judging [though]. I think it’s great work. But society frowns upon face tattoos.”

The young dad shot back, “Well my son looked at it [and] smiled so that’s all I care about.”

Another friend Derek Farmer said that Sechrist could have found a better way to show his son how much he loves him.

“You don’t need a portrait of your child on your face to convince your love for him,” Farmer wrote. “It takes more than that.”

Some people were more supportive.

“Yeah bro that does look sick, I plan on getting allot of art done [sic],” shared friend Cody Meyers.

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