Dashcam Footage Shows Why You Need To Always Be On Alert While Driving. So Scary [watch]

Updated May 25, 2017

Dash cams are useful technology. They not only catch the truth about what happened on the road, they also capture shocking moments sometimes. Below, one driver caught the terrifying moment when a truck flipped over on the freeway all on his dash cam. But not only that, this clip shows you a compilation of car crashes and chaos. Scroll down to enjoy the mayhem from the safety of your computer screen…

The first clip, which was filmed in the beginning of 2015 (according to the time stamp) shows a semi-truck moving along the highway. Suddenly, it swerves to the left and loses balance. A split-second later, the truck is flipping over on the highway.

The driver of the car with the dash cam is heard shouting, “Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa” as the truck upends itself. It falls to its side and then slides along the road.

The next clip in the compilation shows a twilight road that is being misted by the sky. Brake lights are flashing but the driver with the dash cam continues to speed through traffic. Then up ahead, the large truck that is carrying smaller vehicles loses control. It begins to hydroplane and then tail whips into the guardrail.

Next, a driver captures footage of a SUV losing control on a snowy road. Although the freeway has been plowed, the SUV cannot keep traction on the slippery road. It veers off to the side and crossed the meridian in the center. Oncoming traffic speeds toward the vehicle. And the approaching semi-truck plows head-on into the SUV.

The next video comes from a stationary camera on a building. We see an intersection where a white sedan waits to move. As soon as it begins moving, a red pickup truck comes speeding through the intersection. The white pickup slams into the front of the sedan and rips off the bumper.

Watch the next dash cam crash footage. A car pulls out into traffic and gets t-boned by an oncoming SUV. It doesn’t even seem like the driver looked when he pulled out.

After showing footage of an SUV lose control at an intersection, the compilation moves to a foolish minivan driver. This driver takes a left turn while traffic is flowing past. But it doesn’t seem like the driver of the car was paying attention – perhaps they were texting while driving.

The next clips show sports drivers making near-fatal errors. In the first, an off-roading team losing control and crashes in the woods. The one after that shows racers speeding along the track. Suddenly, a car goes by that is sliding along on its roof.

Watch the rest of the clip for even more car crashes and trucks flipping over.

Here are some comments:

“The first idiot that horned at the truck toppling like its going to do anything,” wrote Omar Iltaf.

“It’s better if some people just don’t drive,” shared one viewer.

What do you think about this footage? Do you enjoy watching car accidents?

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