Daughter Posts Photo Of Note Dad Sent Mom On The Day Their Divorce Is Finalized, Goes Viral

Updated July 11, 2017

Marriage is hard work. And sometimes it doesn’t work out, unfortunately.

Oftentimes, divorce is difficult for a couple, but there are occasions where a split is amicable…and this story illustrates that.

Texas couple Jason and Jennifer divorced after being married for 19 years. No doubt, this wasn’t an easy decision, and with a teenage daughter, the process might have been even more complicated.

Their daughter, Morgan, took to Twitter to share her dad’s amazing gesture on the day Jason and Jennifer’s divorce was finalized.

He sent his now ex-wife a bouquet of flowers with a sweet note that read: “Always Gonna Be You,” a reference to a Kenny Chesney song. Morgan explained: “My parents after 19 years of being married, were going through a divorce & it got finalized today, & my dad sent my mom her favorite flowers.”

Morgan further explained that her dad would send her mom flowers when she was having a bad day, writing: “To know that even after today he still did it breaks my heart. I have never cried so hard over 4 simple words.”

Her parent’s wedding song was “You Had Me From Hello” by Kenny Chesney, so the note was significant, as she explained that when her dad heard Chesney’s “Always Gonna Be You” he felt the song was “our finale.”

Morgan’s tweet about her father’s kindness went viral, with plenty of responses from people having some major feels as a result. Morgan eventually asked, “If you have a dog will you send me picture of it, I’m sad.” She was flooded with dog photos to cheer her up.

The teen later explained to Buzzfeed that she was touched “seeing the responses and the love in people’s hearts,” noting, “I believe that everyone is seeing true love through this tweet.”

Responses on her Twittter post included: “this breaks my heart into a million and one pieces,” “The love is still there, even if the actual marriage had to end. That is beautiful,” and “This is so sad but at the same time he is worried about your mom! Good luck and God bless your family.”

People weighed in on the Buzzfeed story, with one noting in the comments: “You can love someone with all your heart and they can love you back but if you just don’t work well together, it’s not going to work.”

Others, however, had a different perspective on the note, with one person commenting: “Without knowing a huge amount about the situation, I don’t see this as sweet. I actually see this as quite manipulative & emotionally damaging. Putting that sort of emotional pressure on someone – that they are always going to be the person that you love, as your relationship is ending, is not a sweet thing to do. It’s trying to make sure that they always feel some sort of obligation to you, that they should consider your feelings whenever they do anything, including finding another partner.”

This commenter had a more optimistic outlook, however, writing: “In a time when there’s so much hate around it’s nice to see someone being a mature adult despite a very difficult time. Perhaps they just realized they were the best of friends but not the best of lovers.”