Daughter Walks Into Home And Quickly Realizes Something Is Wrong, Hits Record To Have Evidence

Updated October 11, 2016

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare. Someone you love loses themselves to the bottomless depths of a drug or alcohol addiction. And it parts of the country like Ohio, heroin is becoming more popular among people than ever before.

But one daughter was so sick of watching her parents wasted on heroin, that she decided it was time to finally expose them for the bad parents they are. So when she came home one day to find her parents wasted in front of the television, she took out her mobile device and started live streaming them so the whole world could see what a heroin binge really looks like. And it isn’t pretty…

In the video footage, you’ll see the young girl’s parents – they are unresponsive, sweating, and high on heroin. You’ll see the daughter and another man, who just seems to want to help, trying to wake up the unresponsive couple who have lost themselves into the depths of a drug so dark it can consume anything.

When the girl brings the camera close to the mother in the tie dye t-shirt, she looks completely spaced out and is unable to control her eye movements. Her daughter tries desperately to bring her deadbeat parents back a round from the drug binge – but fails because they are so high.

While her mother might look like she’s in bad shape, the girl’s father is much worse. He is shirtless and lying on the floor, slowly rocking back and forth completely oblivious that the world is still spinning around him.

Drug users who put their high before their children are selfish people.

The man who is filming the incident says, “They’re really f***** up, ain’t they?”. Then the daughter grabs her phone so she can shine its light into her father’s eyes and force him to response and notice her.

“Man, you cannot be like this around your kids,” the cameraman adds.

The daughter then climbs on top of her mother and shines the flashlight in her face before shouting at her. But the woman ignores her and continues to enjoy her drugs.

The girl gets so angry at one point she even starts kicking her father saying “he can’t even feel it, that’s how high he is.”

When the video ends, it seems the father is starting to get up – but probably only to up his dose once again.

This footage is just another installment in the heroin epidemic that is ravaging small town America. Other countries, like Britain, are pointing at America as having a drug problem.

Because heroin is now offered at a cheap price, heroin use is up to a 20-year high in America, the United Nations reported in June.

Parents have been found high on heroin with their children in the car seats. People in Ohio seem to be injecting themselves while they’re seated behind the wheel of their car.

The video footage below was shot in the United States but it is unclear where it was filmed and where and when it was filmed.

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