Daycare Worker Is Always Late To Work. So Her Boss Takes Drastic Action No One Saw Coming

Updated June 15, 2017

If you’re like me, you’ve worked a number of dead end jobs where you had a terrible manager. I remember my first job as a dishwasher. I would go to work in the evenings at the local restaurant down the street – now mind you, I was working when I was a young teenager. The manager had anger problems and money problems. The restaurant was barely staying afloat. But I worked hard and kept my head down. This was appreciated and eventually I was promoted to cook. But for Veronica Solis, who works at a cook at a daycare, she has not received any kind of recognition. Then when her boss Alex Rios asked for a word in private with her outside, her heart skipped a beat. And what Rios told her in private changed her life forever…

Although she never missed a day of work, Solis didn’t have a car. Because transportation was unreliable for her, she did not have a good way to get to work. If the bus was late or her ride failed to be on time, she was late. She was late more days than she’d want to admit. And Rios always took notice. Now he had a word to say to her.

Not only did Rios want to tell Solis what he thought of her, he wanted to surprise her, too. Because she was affecting the way the daycare was running, Rios had a plan to deal with her tardiness.

But Solis never expected a surprise like that. As a cancer survivor, she knew a thing or two about adversity. And she was resigned to life as it was. But Rios could not stand for it. He needed to shake things up and make Solis uncomfortable.

Soon enough, Solis is crying in front of her boss. Alex Rios was paying it forward.

Because his business, Kids’ Kollege Learning Center, has been in business for only five years, and Veronica has been his employee for three, he knows how she behaves and what it going on in her life.

Rios shared the following description for the video he posted that you can watch below: “My name is Alex Rios of Edinburg, Texas. I wanted to surprise my employee Veronica Solis with a car of her own. She is a cancer survivor and has inspired my life to never give up and always work hard. Earlier this week, I did call Vero because she was going into work late. She started crying (I never really get after my employees) and she said for me to look for another employee because she did not have a car and had no one to give her a ride. After hanging up with her, I felt in my heart to just go buy her a car. It is not everyday that we can do something like this for other people, but right now that I am able to, why not do it for someone that cares for you and takes good care of your business. ENJOY THE VIDEO!”

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