Days After His Son’s Tragic Death He Finds One Of His Drawings, Leaves Him Pale As A Ghost

Updated June 29, 2017

Before an 11-year-old boy who had autism drowned in a river in Montenegro, the child tragically predicted his own death in a drawing. The boy, Ognjen Rakocevic, 11, from Podgorica in Montenegro died last year. His body was found drowned in a river. When his father learned the tragic details of the boy’s death, he broke down because he realized that the child predicted his own death by drowning. After the boy died, his father found a drawing the boy had done that showed the child drowned in the exact spot where he perished. In the drawing, the boy drew a halo in the sky above the hilltops and a church’s cross above his deceased body as well.

When the boy’s father, Branko Rakocevic, found the boy’s body along the shores of Lake Skadar, a famous beauty location and the largest lake in southern Europe, he broke down. Yes, his boy had drowned, but he had also drawn the incident before it had happened. It was almost as if Ognjen, a boy diagnosed with autism, knew the fate that was to befall him.

Because his father Branko found the drawing, he believes his the boy had a premonition that his death would occur at the exact spot along Lake Skadar.

The child was affectionately called Ogi and his father is still distraught over losing him a year later. The child, who had autism, wandered off from his home and was believed to have fallen into the Moraca River where he promptly drowned. The child’s body was drawn along the driver where it was later deposited into Lake Skadar where it flows.

Branko Rakocevic, Ogi’s father, said: “He almost drew a photograph of the place where he was found. There is the island of Vranjina. He painted a cross on the top of the hill, and above him the sky as a sacred halo, at the foot of the green reed.

“And what is brutal, is that Ogi drew himself right in the place where he was found. I do not believe in coincidences, God’s hand brought him here.”

Branko said that his son was born on the same day that is the birthday of Saint Basil of Ostrog or December 28. Not only did the poor boy drown along the vacation spot where beauty enthusiasts come, his body was found just outside the Church of St. Nicholas in the lake.

Because Branko was overwhelmed with his boy’s premonition, he has written a book called “The Barefooted Prince” where he shares stories and songs dedicated to Ognjen. Because the boy only made it to eleven, his father wanted to create a tribute to the young child lost too soon.

Branko added, “it is as if he sacrificed himself for his small friends with autism. Ogi burned the fire all over Montenegro and alerted everyone, both firefighters and reservists, believers and atheists, and no one remained asleep, everyone woke up.”

Now locals are pushing to name the street that led Ogi to the river to be named after him.

“I’d like this street to be named after Ognjen,” Branko said. “It does not have to be a full name, it can be called Ogi’s Street.”

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