Days After Paying For Stranger’s $8 Grocery Bill She Gets Life Changing Phone Call

Updated June 19, 2017

Although it was Christmastime, Tracy Warshal, 39, did not need an excuse to do a good deed. When the man in line behind her at the grocery store realized he forgot his wallet, Tracy stepped in and paid his bill. She didn’t expect anything from the small act of kindness, but now her good deed has come full circle. The man who she helped has paid it forward in a way that has changed Tracy’s life forever. Learn how below!

Just weeks before Christmas, Tracy from Smyrna, Georgia noticed the gentleman behind her had forgotten his wallet. She was shopping at Aldi supermarket and decided to commit a small act of kindness.

The man’s bill was only $7 and she offered to pay it in full.

“It would have been more of a headache for him to go out and find his wallet,” Warshal said.

Tracy, who works at a hospital and has made her career of helping others, thought nothing of the small act of kindness and called it “instinctual.”

“Anybody would have done it,” she claimed.

But the man thought she had done something special. He asked her for her name and she told him it was Tracy. She then told him “Merry Christmas” and left the store.

Christmas came and went and Tracy returned to work at the hospital. Then in the middle of January, two representatives from the Piedmont Foundation visited her on the job. She was concerned. Why were they here?

Then the reps told her that an anonymous man had donated $10,000 to the foundation in her name.

Tracy was shocked.

She works as a scheduling coordinator at the Piedmont Cancer Institute. This is an affiliate of Piedmont Healthcare.

How did the man know where she worked? Tracy happened to be wearing a T-shirt that had Piedmont written on it. With that information and her first name, the gentleman was able to figure out where she worked.

The man contacted Piedmont Healthcare’s Vice President of Philanthropy Mendal Bouknight to track Tracy down. He wanted to “thank her” for her kind gesture at the grocery store.

“Tracy is an angel and proof that kindness and compassion are always inside you,” Bouknight said.

Tracy had forgotten about the anonymous donor after their brief encounter in the grocery store.

“I completely respect the fact that he would like to remain anonymous,” Warshal said. “Of course, I would like to give him a hug and say thank you.”

The man’s $10,000 donation will go toward the Dana G. Smith Cancer Assistance Endowment. This is not the first time the man has donated to the healthcare organization, Piedmont Healthcare Public Relations Manager Amanda Bartlett told ABC News. But this time he wants to be anonymous.

Tracy’s story went viral when Piedmont Healthcare asked for her permission to share it on their Facebook page. Once they did, they reached countless people with this story of goodwill and inspiration.

“I’m just excited that one small little gesture made a huge difference and impact on a lot of people,” Warshal said. “I hope it makes people think twice about doing something small to somebody. Even a smile or compliment goes a long way these days.”

What do you make of this man’s surprise donation?

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