Death Row Inmate Mutters His Final Words, And It’s Not Something Anyone Expected

Updated May 5, 2017

When asked for his final statement, an Arkansas death row inmate finally expressed his remorse to his victim’s daughter. For years he was too proud to do just that and was sentenced to death for the 1998 murder of Dominique Hurd.

Now 38-year-old Kenneth Williams finally shows regret. Fortunately, he got it off his chest before it was too late. And it was great for the victim’s daughter to hear this. It gave her some closure…

When he was given a life sentenced after brutally murdering a parent in cold blood, everyone thought he’d rot in jail for the rest of his days. But he didn’t. He later escaped and killed Cecil Boren. When Williams was recaptured, his charges were upgraded to capital murder and he was put on the schedule for a lethal injection.

On April 27, Williams got the needle in his arm. He was executed in the evening. Boren’s daughter, Jodie Efird, wanted to watch her mother’s murder take his final breath. She was filled with hatred for the killer and wanted to watch him die.

From the death chamber, Jodie watched the executioner put the needle in Williams’s arm. She later admitted that the death sentenced failed to give her closure. But relented that it helped a little knowing the world had one fewer cold blooded killer walking around alive.

“Every time we drive down this road, he’s not here anymore,” Efird said of Williams.

When asked to say his last words, Williams used the opportunity wisely. Instead of spouting hate or something stupid, he expressed his remorse for his past actions.

“I was more than wrong,” Williams said, according to CNN. “The crime I perpetrated against you all was senseless.”

Williams was executed at 11:05 p.m. local time. The same prison he escaped from years before was the one to execute him. Additionally, Williams was the last of eight inmates scheduled for death in April. Arkansas still proudly uses the death sentence to deter crime in the great southern state.

During their fight against the death sentence, Williams and other killers claimed that the sedative used to render inmates unconscious, midazolam, does not give them the pleasure of a painless death.

The Arkansas Supreme Court denied their claim and decided that for the crimes these killers committed, they did not deserve a painless death.

Donna Terrell also witnessed Williams’s execution. She watched his chest go up and down once he was injected with midazolam. She watched him breathe for another four minutes until Williams’s breathing stopped for good.

Terrell said that Williams did not appear to be in pain.

Williams’s attorney, Shawn Nolan, claims the execution was “horrifying” and is calling for an investigation into it.

“This is very disturbing, but not at all surprising, given the history of the risky sedative midazolam, which has been used in many botched executions,” Nolan told NBC. “What’s important right now is that all the information about tonight’s execution must be meticulously documented and preserved so that we can discover exactly what happened in that execution chamber.”

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