Depressed Horses Are Being Reunited After 4 Years Apart, Their Reaction Has Me In Tears

Updated February 2, 2017

They say that elephants have a long memory, but what if they are not the only ones in the animal kingdom to have them? Do horses have the ability to remember each other after long periods of time?

In this heartwarming and life affirming video we hear the story of Arthur, a thoroughbred race horse who had grown up on a farm with his two best friends, William and Harry, a pair of New Forest ponies.  They were separated a number of years ago when arthur was sold to become a racing horse. When he finally comes back home the experience is amazing. You are going to love watching this video.

This video has gone crazy since first being posted last year. It has received over eight and a half million views, and people can not stop commenting about on the internet and in social media, saying things like:

“Awesome, loved it!”- Ulfberht

“Thank you ever so much for sharing this beautiful horse video.”- DD Lanoue

“The most beautiful and joyous reunion of animals I have ever seen in my 74 yrs.  Do human reunions ever end up this beautiful?”- Dianne Lynch

“Thank you for sharing this video! I love it! I have 3 horses and I have seen them interact this way with the horses they were raised with. Especially my husband’s horse and her full sister, though she hasn’t  seen her in a years now. Wonderful video!”- Kathleen Lupole

“I have watched this video many times, and still it incredible to see the joy of this reunion. I know horses bond, not only with each other, but also with humans. Just watching them  rolling, nuzzling, stomping etc, was pure happiness. I hope their new life on Dartmoor is happy, I am sure it is. Thank you so much for sharing this.”- Rainbow Aurora

“They’re truly happy. they seem so thrilled to be together. beautiful. keep it up. thank you.”- Mary Setan

“You appear to be an amazing horsewoman, and hats off to you, for trying to keep them (socialized)  as they would be if no humans were about! On behalf of animals everywhere, I THANK you!”- Anon.

“We ask if they love? Show emotion? Remember? Yes, they are living beings. And yet millions of them are sent to slaughter every year. We’re (humans) are just animals, why would we think we’re any different or somehow more intelligent than any other animal on this planet?”- Rileysmamma1204

“So beautiful! Thank you for sharing this intimate moment with everyone.  They are all stunning. and I am so happy they are all with you, together, again!”- Justine Shelton

“Sue, you are an amazing woman for all you do with humans and horses! Thank you for the update!”- Elizabeth Czepieal

“It always seems wrong to me when people keep only one horse.  A horse is a pack animal.  Isolating a pack animal from their own kind is a uniquely cruel thing to do.”- SuperSeriousPerson

“You are very fortunate that you were able to get Arthur back and that he wasn’t sold into slaughter.”-dezertrose69

“May God bless you over and over and over again for having such a heart for animals.”- Billy Jean Washburn

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