Despite Being Warned, He Decided To Hit A Golf Ball Off A Frozen Lake, Ends In Pure Regret

Updated January 3, 2017

If you’re a golfer, then you understand the woes of the sport. You slice a ball into the rough or hit it into a sand trap. Sometimes you hit it into a water trap and need to drop a new golf ball, adding even more strokes to your ballooning score.

But if a lake is frozen, maybe you think you can cut a stroke off your score and hit it from the ice. That’s what this guy was apparently trying to do when he walked out on an ice hazard.

Check out the clip below and you’ll see why it would have been much better for this golfer to drop a new ball and keep going…

In the clip, you’ll see the golfer take his stance on the ice. His white ball sits steady atop the black water. He steadies his grip and then draws back the stroke.

But as he starts to swing, his back foot slips. This causes his hips to turn and his feet to slide even more. Losing his balance, the golfer missing the ball, striking the ice instead and the falling onto his backside.

When he collapsed onto the frozen water, the drop sends rippling cracks throughout the not-so-solid surface of the lake. He had been deceived as he realizes the ice on top wasn’t sturdy enough to keep him above water.

But then the worst possible thing happens. The ice gives way and the man plummets into the freezing cold water.

Meanwhile, his friends who are filming the incident burst out laughing at the golfer’s major fail. Instead of coming to his aid, they keep filming and watch him flounder in the ice water.

Allow this video to remind you why golf is a sport for nice weather – when it is cold outside, perhaps you should pursue another hobby like hockey or ice skating.

Here are some people’s comments when watching the video:

“LMFAO.. replace your divets lol”

“I wanna see the idiot try to get out”

“what in the hell did they expect to happen? lol”

“Good thing he had that beanie on to keep warm.”

“just like watching a scene from looney tunes”

While most people are telling him to get off the ice, did you know that Ice Golf is a real event?

According to “The World Ice Golf Championship At the Drambuie World Ice Golf Championship [is held] in Uummannaq, Greenland, [where] the temperature can fall below -50° C. The tournament was started in 1997 by local resident Arne Neimann.”

Contrary to regular golf, when playing in the snow and ice, these professionals use brightly colored balls so they can keep their eyes on their play.

“Brightly colored balls help players keep track of them in the white landscape.”

“Icebergs are a part of the course” in the Greenland Ice Golf tournament.

Whereas Donald Trump designs golf courses, the main architect of these terrains is the ocean and the winter weather of Greenland.

But this foolish golfer was not playing in Greenland. And he didn’t know how to play on the water.

Be careful this winter and make sure ice is thick enough before venturing out onto it.

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