Despite Being Warned, He Purposely Blocks Her Car. Bodybuilder Sees It Happen, Takes Action

Updated October 24, 2017

If you live in an urban area, you know how hard it can be to find parking on the street. But no matter how hard it is to find a spot, you know better than to block another car in, don’t you? In my apartment, I’ve had a lot of parking issues because the other tenants are all college students. They don’t seem to consider other people while parking their cars and have doubled parked their vehicle before leaving for the day.

But when one rude neighbor decided to park in a woman’s driveway, another man offered her help in moving the offending car. This man was no ordinary man, he is a strongman. He has worked hard at the gym to build the body of his dreams and now he can accomplish feats of strength that would otherwise seem impossible.

His name is Hakan Acar, who is know as “Tulk” short for the Turkish Hulk. And when he saw the there was a damsel in distress, he decided to put his strongman skills to new use.

Because the woman was blocked in and needed to get out of the driveway, the Tulk approached her and offered his helping hand.

Then he proceeded to move the car with his bare hands. Acar is only 23 years old but he has the strength of at least two or three average men. The parking incident had occurred at his aunt’s house and he wanted to help her fix the problem.

The parking war had been going on for some time at aunt Abi Mustafa’s house. And it took the Tulk to come over and move it by himself to teach the rude commuter a valuable life lesson.

For about a month, neighbors had been parking their car in front of Mustafa’s driveway. They were angry about something and decided to purposely block her in as an act of revenge. Little did they know that she had a very powerful nephew.

Acar was happy to use his strength to move the car blocking his aunt’s driveway. She had always been good to him and he was eager to return the favor.

With nothing but his brute strength, Acar lifted the car and dragged it out of the way. Fortunately a camera was rolling to capture his amazing strongman skills at work.

Although there were a number of parking spots available on the road, the neighbor had chosen to block Mustafa’s driveway with his vehicle.

When he gets up to the car, Acar lifts it up by its front bumper. Then he starts dragging it out of the way. You can tell he is using all his strength because one of his shoes flies off. But he doesn’t let this bother him. Instead he kicks off his other shoe and continues to haul the car out of his aunt’s driveway.

In the video below, you can see the entire action unfolding.

What do you think about this strongman helping his aunt get revenge on the rude neighbor?