Despite Being Warned, He Ventures Into Mall That’s Been Abandoned; Films Creepy Scene

Updated September 7, 2017

In Missouri, a mall has been left abandoned for just two years, but it is already a ghost town. Because no one but looters and vandals visit the shopping center anymore, its condition has quickly deteriorated to nothing. But urban photographer Seph Lawless has decided to go into the abandoned mall and document just how creepy it is. Once known as the Metro North Mall in Kansas City, it is now known as the creepiest mall in America. And if any business owner wants to bring it back to life, it’s going to take more work fixing its reputation than fixing its condition. See the images below!

The Missouri mall was built in 1976 and remained open until 2014.

Just a quick tour of the mall will reveal an alternative reality. Most Americans are familiar with malls and visit them frequently for shopping and nights out. But this one in Missouri is stricken with something sinister. Displays are broken, ceiling tiles are missing, and the place looks decrepit and destroyed. It is like what writers and movie makers imagine America will look like after a zombie apocalypse.

Although the mall was only abandoned 2 years at the time the photos were taken, it is totally defunct. Trees are trying to grow inside the former Kansas City shopping center. And the structural integrity of the building has been compromised although it was only left untended for a short while in the grand scheme of things.

The building is scheduled to come down for redevelopment. That’s why the photographer Seph Lawless broke inside to capture its creepiness before it was erased from the world.

The photographs depict a place that was once a shell of its former capitalist glory. But now that it has gone without for a few years, it has fallen into disarray and bedlam.

The mall is filled with litter instead of products. Junk instead of jewelry. It has become the carcass of a shopping center of yesteryear.

Seph Lawless shared his experience at the Metro North Mall on Huffington Post. Here were some of his thoughts about it:

“Personally, there is no other place I’ve documented that is more creepy than abandoned malls and the abandoned Metro North Mall in Kansas City is by far the creepiest place I’ve ever step foot in.”

Because Amazon and online shopping is becoming more popular, malls are struggling in America.

Lawless writes, “I enjoy showing people what it looks like after a mall becomes abandoned and often portray these abandoned malls as apocalyptic ruins that will chill you to the bone. I believe sharing my images are imperative to raising awareness to some of America’s true ills and social media is a viable tool for me to do that. I want Americans to see what is happening to their country from the comfort of their suburban homes and smart phones.”

Take a look through these photos. How do they make you feel about shopping and capitalism?

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